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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Sept 2021 | San Diego Bay
*Marine Gear Swap Meet - Saturday, October 2nd*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome Mariners to the September issue of the Chula Vista Marina Newsletter. In this edition we have a couple great articles for you to check out. Thinking about buying a boat but unsure of what you should know or things to keep in mind? We have some helpful hints for you in the article below. Also, in this edition we touch base on an issue that I’m sure all of you have noticed before - ducks. Yes, they’re cute, but they can really be a headache for boat owners and our maintenance team alike.
Unfortunately, I do want to mention that we have received word that the RV Resort will be closing down in mid-October. We were just recently made aware of the decision and wanted to let all of you know as well. I don’t want anyone to worry though as we will be making accommodations for additional restrooms and showers soon thereafter. And remember we’ll be getting a new marina complex in the next few years as part of the ongoing Port project.  I know this is not the best news, but we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition. We’ll be losing access to the amenities but only temporarily as we have some BIG PLANS in the works. I know many will have questions about what we will be doing. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated as we learn more and get a better idea of the timing of what comes next.
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Richard and Jennifer Reybok  brought in their very nice 48’ Tolleycraft  Jenny  from Sunroad Marina;  Michael and Joanne McGavran  sailed in their beautiful 30’ Columbia down from Dana Point;  Robert and Jean Cacciarelli  brought in their awesome 45’ Carver  Gypsea  from the Coronado Yacht Club;  David and Nancy Hoyt  sailed in their 40’ Eichenlaub  Racy  from Marina Bay Yacht Harbor;  Katie Smith  sailed in her very nice 38’ Seawind  Flight Dec k up from Mexico;  Sheri Tingey and John Baker  brought in their very cool 31’ Corsair  Aragom  up from Marina Puerto Escondido;  Zacheriah Cole  purchased a beautiful 40’ Cal  Tabasco  that was already here at CVM; and  Weizrung Lee  brought in his very cool 27’ Carver  Aloha Dayz  that he had kept on a trailer. Welcome!
Friendly Reminder - Helpful Hints
Buying a boat!! What should I know?
We are often asked for tips by people who are interested in purchasing their first boat. What should I look for? How do I know the asking price is fair? It can be an intimidating process for someone who is new to boating or doesn’t have much experience. Here are ten things to do if you are planning on buying a boat. Keep in mind, this isn’t everything, but it’s a good start for a new boater who is looking .
  1. Inspect the engine bay.  If the boat is a sterndrive or inboard, the condition of the engine bay will tell you a lot about how well the boat is maintained. Is it clean and dry? Is the rigging neat and well-supported? Is it free of rust and corrosion?
  2. Look for rips in the upholstery or deck carpet.  Reupholstery and carpet work are expensive, so keep that in mind as you inspect the interior.
  3. Start up everything.  Fire up the electronics, generator, air conditioning, all pumps, lights, stereo, trim tabs, drive trim, etc., as well as the engine(s). Make sure everything is in good working order and make note of any issues.
  4. Double-check the engine hours.  Don’t trust engine-hour meters. Consider paying a boat mechanic to hook the engine up to a scan tool to confirm the hours and look for possible issues.
  5. Conduct a sea trial.   Never buy until you conduct a sea trial to determine how the boat performs in real-world conditions and determine any issues. While on the water, look in the bilge for leaks.
  6. Have the boat hauled.  If the boat is not on a trailer, arrange to have it hauled to inspect the bottom for obvious defects such as hull blisters, damaged running gear, excessive fouling, broken trim tabs, etc.
  7. Look for decay or rot.  This is a tough one because transom or stringer rot might not be obvious. One trick is to push up and down on the drive or outboards. If the transom deflects or feels mushy during this process, it is an indication of rot. If in doubt, spend the money for a survey. The larger the boat, the more important a survey becomes.
  8. Inspect the trailer, tires and bearings.  If the boat is on trailer, you need to know if it is roadworthy. Make sure the frame, axle and springs are free of excessive rust and cracks and the bunks and rollers are in good condition. Check the tires for proper air pressure, and look for obvious signs of age such as cracked sidewalls. Ask the seller when the last time the bearings were serviced. 
  9. Be prepared to walk away.  While this is not an inspection point, it is an important mindset when shopping for used boats. Don’t get too excited or fall in love with a boat you’re inspecting. You need to be able to walk away if something’s not right or the price is well outside the number you had budgeted.
Please Do Not Feed the Ducks
Attention Marina tenants: please do not feed the ducks. 
It has come to our attention that there is an abundance of ducks on the docks this year. Ducks will hang around areas where they have food and fresh water.
Feeding the ducks is not healthy for them. It disrupts their natural diet, makes them to become reliant on human food and abandon their natural sources of nutrition, which cause health issues. It also desensitizes them to human activity—meaning, they don’t mind hanging around people.
This has become quite a problem. Not only do the ducks make a mess on the dock and in the slips, but they will also make a mess on your boat and damage your gelcoat. 
Because of the Marina’s proximity to Bayside Park, we understand that there is wildlife around. We are also located in a marine preserve, and we certainly do not want to disturb nature. However, eliminating their food source and fresh water source on the docks will encourage them to go elsewhere.
Please check your hoses. A leak in a hose is a fresh water source for ducks. If you notice that the leak is coming from where the spigot connects to the dock box, please call the office, so we can put in a maintenance request to repair the leak.
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.
"Something to Make You Laugh"
Upcoming Events
Marine Gear Swap Meet
Saturday, October 2nd
7 am - Noon
Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina’s Fall  Marine Gear Swap Meet.  We’ll be open from  7 am to Noon on Saturday, October 2nd.  There will be hundreds of vendors, and thousands of good deals. Shop the  Rope & Line Man, and the Hat Man . You’ll always find anchors, fishing, and survivor gear.  Good music and tacos will be the order of the day. 
One space available to all CVM tenants at no charge  - additional spaces:  used items $15 and new items $30.  For additional information call our office at  619-691-1860.  Space is limited - so make your reservation early.   619-691-1860
Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s always a good time for all!
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