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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Oct 2020 | San Diego Bay
* Upcoming Events & Classes Cancelled
Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak *
News from the Dockmaster
Well Chula Vista Mariners, we have all done our best to stay positive during these trying times and had another great summer here at the Marina! There is still some time on the water to be had. With the change in season, there is some great sailing to do this time of the year. We have a nice Santa Ana breeze in the morning and usually a stronger onshore wind in the afternoon. The boat traffic in the bay is also noticeably less. So, I say take advantage of our ability to boat year-round in San Diego and cast your lines and get out there!! I mean in some places in the U.S. boating season is already completely done until next year.  There are a few things to keep in mind if you venture out. San Diego recently published its “safe reopening protocol for recreational boating” (we sent this document to everyone).  Here is a quick summary:
  • Each boat will be required to log all persons aboard for purposes of contact tracing during the incubation period.
  • The person in charge of each boat will confirm that each person aboard has shown no signs of illness and does not live with or had contact with any person who has had signs of illness for at least 14 days.
  • Face coverings will be required to be available for everyone on the boat and must be worn properly when within 6’ ofanother person not in the same household.
  • Limit number of persons on board based on the natural configuration of the boat to allow a 6-foot separation between non-household persons unless face coverings are worn.
  • Face coverings will be utilized in interior areas where more than one person is present.
  • The person in charge of the boat shall be responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation of the boat prior to allowing persons on board.
  • The person in charge of the boat will be responsible for providing handwashing facilities and/or hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 to all persons on the boat, to include requiring hand sanitizing before boarding.
  • The person in charge of the boat will be responsible for providing disinfecting sprays or wipes that are effective against COVID-19 to sanitize equipment and frequently touched surfaces.
We all hate all these do’s and don’ts, but if we keep a sense of humor, we’ll get past it.
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Nicole Pitteloud and Axel Rinder  purchased a nice 22’ Catalina that was already here at CVM;  Chen Libin and Fiona Chen   brought in their very nice 20’ Striper that they recently purchased;  Michael Hiatt  has returned with a 38’ Ericson that he purchased here at CVM;  Wisan Jolagh  brought in his newly purchased 38’ Sea Ray  Jolagh  from Fiddlers Cove Marina;  James and April Van Patten  purchased a very nice 60’ Chris Craft  30,000 Feet  that was here at CVM;  Terry and Joan Pierskalla  brought in their awesome 29’ Seaswirl from Pier 32;  John Purcell  brought in his very nice 45’ Wellcraft  Completed Search  from Alamitos Bay;  Richard Mooberry  sailed in his awesome 38’ Leopard  Luna Sea  all the way from Belize;  Steve Cloney  sailed in his beautiful 44’ Hunter  Kast Away  from Marina Village; James and Nathaniel Merino  have returned with their awesome 23’ Maxum from their home on a trailer;  Ruben Sauceda  has returned with his beautiful 23’ Chris Craft that he stores on a trailer at his home; Eric and  Kim Rimkus sailed in their very nice 45’ Beneteau  Gladiator Kirk Pfaff  brought in his amazing 65’ Chris Craft  Hunter  from Cabrillo Way in San Pedro;  Frank Dixon  has returned with his very cool 22’ Santana  Andale Pues  from Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada;  Mark and Cynthia Lastovica  purchased a nice 35’ Carver  OMG LOL  that was already here at CVM;  Jonathon and Chloe Woodward  brought in their awesome 42’ Marine Trader  Current Situation  from the Shelter Island Boatyard;  Ivan and Micaela Radillo  brought in their nice 28’ Bayliner from the trailer. Welcome to our new mariners!
Flag Etiquette
Some of our military veterans here at Chula Vista Marina have asked us to send a friendly reminder about the importance of flag etiquette. Vets who have risked their lives for this country grow particularly offended when our Flag is not honored.  Here are some helpful reminders:
  • You may never place two national flags on a single pole, as they must be at the same height and approximate size.
  • You may never place a company or advertisement flag on the same pole as the U.S. Flag.  In military use, no more than two flags may be on a single pole.  There is no official guideline for civilian use, but the order that is generally followed (seen top to bottom) is:
  1. U.S. Flag
  2. POW/MIA
  3. State flags (host state first, then others in the order of admission)
  4. U.S. territories (Washington DC, Puerto Rico, etc.)
  5. Military (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard)
  • Section 8i of the Flag Code reads: “Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the Flag is flown.”
  • The appropriate time to fly the Flag is from 08:00 to sunset, except when racing or if the Flag is well lit. It is also important to take the Flag down prior to leaving the yacht if the ship will be unmanned at the time of sunset.
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