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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Mar 2022 | San Diego Bay
*Marine Gear Swap Meet - April 2*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome Mariners, to the March edition of the Chula Vista Marina newsletter. Please take a few moments to check out the articles in this edition. We’ll go over a couple ways to stop those pesky birds (that drive us all crazy) off your boat, as well as a quick reminder of the rules regarding tenant guests. 
I am happy to say that the project at the Dolphins building is finished. We have added some very nice showers to the existing restrooms there. The shower and gym are now fully open and, of course, will be cleaned and restocked daily. We removed the temporary bath/showers that were on the southside of the building. Thank you all for your patience while we were completing this project.
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
John and Wendolyn Mickman  purchased an awesome 45’ CFB  Tropic Lightning  that was already here at CVM;  Robert Jacobson-Duteil and Arlene Duteil  purchased a very nice 40’ Hunter that was already here at CVM ; Clinton and Raina Burnett  sailed in their beautiful 48’ Sparkman and Stephens  Karma  from Cabrillo Marina;  Jon Dalagan  purchased a beautiful 40’ Silverton that was already here at CVM;  Buddy and Chelsea Bewick  brought in their awesome 31’ Sea Ray that they recently purchased; and  Jacob Peterson  sailed in his very nice 27’ Catalina  Miss Sota  from Shelter Cove Marina. Welcome!
Friendly Reminder - Helpful Hints
Bird Droppings
Bird droppings are one of the less pleasant aspects of boat ownership, but they are things that every sailor has to deal with. Birds love the high-up perches provided by your mast and spreaders, where they can gather enmasse to rest and eat. Unfortunately for your poor boat, this means that everything they leave behind – poop, fish entrails and more – can wind up encrusted on your boat’s paintwork, deck, and canvas. Returning to your boat and finding it smeared with droppings doesn’t just mean hours of cleaning; it may even cause lasting damage to the canvas and bodywork of your vessel. Bird droppings are notoriously difficult to clean off and, if left awhile, can eventually bleach textiles, leaving unsightly white stains.
Mess aside, bird poop has also been found to harbor large numbers of potentially dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli. With all the risks and inconveniences associated with gull droppings, the best way to protect your boat is to make sure birds don’t land there in the first place.
Deterring them is easier than you might think, and the methods of doing so are often low maintenance and easy to implement. There are several simple methods to choose from when it comes to repelling birds! There’s a wide range of anti-bird devices for boats to choose from, or you can opt for a simple home remedy, such as stringing up monofilament fishing line to prevent birds from landing. Or try using bird spikes or CD’s hanging from your lines.
Rules Regarding Guests
Please do not loan your key to your friends and family. Your key is for your personal use only.
Marina Rules and Regulations:
“13. GUESTS: Loaning your key access fob to  anyone  (vendors, friends, or family not approved as part of your License Agreement) will subject you to immediate deactivation of your key access and/or immediate revocation of your License Agreement. All guests must check in at the Marina office. Owners must be with their guests at all times, and Owner is completely responsible for their Guests’ behavior.”
If you bring guests with you to the Marina and you wish to sign out a “Guest Key”, please come to the office during normal office hours 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. We can also issue a temporary parking pass for your guests’ vehicle if they are joining you for a weekend on the water.
If you want to add a family member to your license agreement, please call or stop by the office to pick up an application. Once approved, they will be allowed access to the docks and your boat without you present. Your co-applicant must be approved and sign the lease before they are allowed un-supervised access to the Marina. These rules are in place to protect all of our tenants and their boats on the docks.
Marine Gear Swap Meet
Saturday, April 2 | 7 am - Noon
Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina for our Spring  Marine Gear Swap Meet.  We’ll be open from  7 am to Noon on Saturday, April 2.  There will be lots of vendors, and thousands of good deals. You will always find anchors, fishing and survivor gear.  Good music and food  will be the order of the day.
One space available to all CVM tenants at no charge —additional spaces:  used items $15 and new items $30.  For additional information call our office at  619-691-1860.    Space is limited - so make your reservation early.  619-691-1860.
Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s always a good time for all!
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