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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | April 2022 | San Diego Bay
*Marine Gear Swap Meet - April 2*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome Mariners, to the April edition of the Chula Vista Marina newsletter. In this edition we have a great article about the importance of routine top and bottom-cleaning and zinc replacement.
It is finally boating season in San Diego Bay and with the longer days hopefully you all can take advantage and get out on the water. With spring comes spring cleaning. There are several things that if you take a little extra time in doing will save you a ton of money and keep your boat running and looking great. The most basic (and simplest) task is to wash your boat regularly. Rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove sea salt. A long-handled boat brush or a spray wand makes the job easy. You can find brush wands at your local marine retail store. To protect your boat's finish, be sure to use soaps and cleaners made specifically for boats. Have you hull cleaned regularly, in most cases once a month is standard. If you're tempted to let this chore slide, consider this fact: a boat with a clean hull bottom is more fuel-efficient than a hull that's covered with algae or other aquatic scum.
Be sure to check the propeller regularly. Remove the propeller several times during the season to make sure discarded fishing line hasn't become wrapped around the propeller shaft. If it has, have your dealer inspect the gear case, because fishing line can cause gear-case leaks, and gear-case service isn’t a do-it-yourself job - it’s a costly repair .
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Rahim Kothawala  sailed in his nice 25’ Catalina Serenity from Point Loma Marina;  Christopher and Cheryl Jones  sailed in their  30’ Laguna  Turning Point  that they recently purchased;  Daniel Osuna  Purchased a very nice 38’ Bayliner that was already here at CVM;  Ron Griffin  sailed in his beautiful 42’ Polaris  Twilight Reflection  from Silvergate Yacht Club;  Paolo Luzio de Melo and Kimberly Renk  brought in their awesome 41’ Roughwater  Kashmere  from Pillar Point Harbor;  Walt and Fran Becker  brought in their beautiful 45’ Carver  Mercy Now  that they recently purchased;  Jesse Ashmore and Barry Cantrell  sailed in their very nice 25’ Hunter  Carpe Diem  from Campland on the Bay;  Mark Signa  brought in his awesome 46’ Silverton  Kraken Me Up  from Coronado Yacht Club. Welcome!
Spring Cleaning Your Vessel
Good afternoon, Marina Tenants! It is that time of year again – time to clean your boat.
In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be walking the docks to make sure everyone is in compliance with bottom-cleaning and washing their boat topside. We know that some of our out-of-town tenants, who might not come down often, like to put off cleaning their vessel. We would like to remind everyone that it’s part of your lease to keep your boat clean and in order.
Please take the time to come down to your boat and give it a good wash. The office has phone numbers for vendors that you can hire to clean it as well.
If you are more of a DIY person, you can certainly clean the outside of your boat yourself. Here are some tips:
  • Rinse your boat regularly with fresh water to prevent dirt from accumulating.
  • Use an environmentally friendly boat soap for overall cleaning. You can treat troublesome spots with a stronger cleaner.
  • Minimize runoff by toweling off harsh spot treatments instead of rinsing
Bottom Cleaning and Zinc Replacement
In your lease: BOTTOM CLEANING/ZINCS. All vessels must be maintained at all times and must have the bottom cleaned by an approved Diving Service no less than every 3 months, and zincs replaced at least every 6 months, and show proof to Company upon demand.  Legal bottom paint must be used on vessel. Be sure to use properly trained bottom cleaners after new paint is properly aged.  *Require your diver to use non-abrasive cleaning pads and procedures*
Importance of zinc replacement: Zinc protects the important metal parts of your boat from being dissolved by electrolysis. It’s important to replace your zinc anodes every year to ensure your boat is protected from electrolysis and corrosion. A small investment in new zincs every year can help save your boat from major damage.  Marina staff will be reaching out to tenants whose boats look like they need some care.
Storage Units Available
Please stop by the office if you need a storage unit. We don’t have them available often, but several storage units and restroom lockers are available right now. Please stop by the Marina office if you would like take a look or get more information .
Marine Gear Swap Meet
Saturday, April 2 | 7 am - Noon
Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina for our Spring  Marine Gear Swap Meet.  We’ll be open from  7 am to Noon on Saturday, April 2.  There will be lots of vendors, and thousands of good deals. You will always find anchors, fishing and survivor gear.  Good music and food  will be the order of the day.
One space available to all CVM tenants at no charge —additional spaces:  used items $15 and new items $30.  For additional information call our office at  619-691-1860.    Space is limited - so make your reservation early.  619-691-1860.
Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s always a good time for all!
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