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The Chula Vista Marina Resort Newsletter
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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Sept 2017 | San Diego 
*Check out our Labor Day Weekend Concert below*
Welcome to our New Mariners

Welcome Aboard2
Candace Redcliff sailed in on her new Catalina 34 named Woo Sam; Andrea McConnell came in on her 25-ft Mako named Pleasure; Miller McCade is here on his 57-ft Chris-Craft named Classy Lady; Robert Hemond came in on his 41-ft Roughwater named Cap'n Gaucho; Jason Dellan & Niccila Eddings came in on their Classic 27-ft Tolly Craft; Mona Hinkle came in on her 24-ft Yamaha jet boat named Great Catch; Bill & Shirley Kimmich sailed in on there 35-ft Gemini named Catacay; Alicia & Tom Agapitos sailed in on their 45-ft Hunter named Red Talon; Frank Dixon sailed his Santana 22 up from Ensenada named Andele Pues (Frank is a sailing instructor so if you need a sailing class, let me know); Norris Charles came down the bay in his 26-ft Sea Ray named Kutipi 2; Justin Nethercot sailed in on his Islander 36; Bryan & Ariel Rickards came in on their 30-ft Phoenix; Kevin Mondeda sailed in on his Catalina 30 named Horizon; Bill Benson is in with his 17-ft Klamath Pleasure Fishing Machine; Marlene and Eric Williams sailed in on their 29-ft Ranger named Hot Rods Liberty; Holly Bookwaiter sailed in on her Catalina 34 named Selah; Alan Mellor sailed in on his O-Day 37 named Trivial Pursuit; Rachael Cadden came in on her 41-ft Chris-Craft named Night Star; Patrick Barry and his wife sailed in on their 42-ft Privilege Catamaran named Le Chat Beaute; Charles Lawson came down the coast from Washington on his 44-ft CHB named Nauti Gal; Robert Szablak and Cyndi Jensen came down from Huntington Beach on their 40-ft Mainship named Dreamyweaver; Darcy Baker came in on their 35-ft Holiday Mansion; Mike & Elayne Doran are back and sailed in on their 27-ft O-Day (said they were here back when they were building the Marina in 1983); David & Mariya Anton sailed in on their 19-ft West Wright Potter named Just Right; Peter & Laura Hayden came down the coast from Washington on their 65-ft Nordhavn named Tanglewood heading to Gloucester, MA; Jared Kaiser & Rachyl Miller came in from Dana Point on their 38-ft Chris-Craft named Firewater; Jacob Jajati came in on his new 50-ft Sea Ray named Breakin Rules; Dylan Carr & Natasha Macaskill sailed in on their 33-ft Clipper Marine named Mellow Yellow; Chad Schilling sailed in on his Cal Jensen 20; and Rick Villalobos & Maria Salazar sailed in on their Beneteau 37 named Pilialoha from Kaneohe Yacht Club Oahu, about a big sail!  Welcome to all!
News from the Dockmaster

I am sure you heard all about our "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" party. It went off in grand fashion, and good fun was had by all. Great food, great entertainment provided by Mark Woods and the Parrot Head Band who never sounded so good and had most everybody dancing, nice summer air, and the full moon was icing on the cake. The entire crew helped out and had fun being part of it.
To the right are nice pictures of staffers Ricky, Robert and Emily. Frank and Judy Kubik from F Dock got the award for having the most fun with Frank's grass skirt, coconut bra and Parrot Head hat!

In the meantime see you on the docks,

Mike Sullivan, Dockmaster
Marina Classes for September

Marina Classes are   free to CVM tenants   and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee.
For more information call the Marina Office at 619-691-1860.
8:30-11:00 am | Marina Room
September 9, 15, 20 & 27
Bring your own laptop. Instructor: Don Johnson
7-9 pm |  Marina Room
September 6 - October 18
Small Engine Repair
This will be a 7-week ongoing class - Don Johnson Instructor.
9:30-11:00 am |  Marina Room   
Sat , September 2
No classes for Labor Day Weekend

Sat, September 9
Suddenly in Command
Misfortunes occur in seconds, and you have the rest of your life to be grateful that you knew what to do because you were prepared. Don't miss this session - this is for crew, and all second and third mates. Here's your chance to learn what to do when accidents and misfortunes do happen. Presented by Fortilla 114. Instructor Bill Anderson
Sat, September 16
Raw Water Pump Rebuilds
Learn how to re-assemble and replace impellers, as well as the Jabsco Raw Water Pump found on many marine V-8 engines. The Rawwater Pump circulates seawater through a heat exchanger that provides cooling to the engine. Come and learn at this hands-on demostration with Don Johnson.

Sat, September 23
About Boating Safety
This beginner boating class provides the knowledge needed to obtain a California Boaters Card. This is a terific class for new boat owners. Topics include type of boats, trailering, navigation, boat handling and more. Course Cost $35 - Instructor Bill Anderson, U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary. Course approved for California Boater Card. Call 619-922-0231.

Sat, September 30

Seabreeze Book & Charts with Captain Ann Kinner
Until a year ago, southbound cruisers had to make do with charts that were outdated at best, and inaccurate for many places. Seabreeze can now provide charts for Mexico from the Mexican Navy! Accurate for use with GPS and generally up to date for major harbors, the Mexican charts are a significant improvement over what formerly was provided by the US government, many of which have actually now been cancelled and withdrawn from the market. Come and find out what your charting options are for wherever you plan to cruise.
Upcoming Events

Fri-Mon, September 1-3
If you missed the last two Holiday weekends, you won't want to miss our Summer Finale!
The holiday weekend will stay with you through the entire winter. All our activities for the weekend will be trumped by none other than our last Saturday 5 pm evening summer concert featuring "Calico Ridge aka Alias" - back by popular demand. They promise to give us a concert that will rock the house! So bring your chair and enjoy some great music.
Then Sunday, our final summer event will be our second FOAM PARTY, which was such a hit we just had to do it again. Parents you will want pictures and video of this event, absolutely the best time ever! Parental supervision is required.
Festival of Sail Labor Day Weekend
Parade of Sail with the Tall Ships starts Thursday, August 31st on San Diego Bay at 1:30 pm.  The Parade will be led by San Salvador, a replica of Juan Cabrillo's 16th-century galleon. More than a dozen majestic windjammers will sail into San Diego Harbor including our very own gaff topsail schooner Bill of Rights. The ships should all be docked by 6 pm and open for viewing the rest of the weekend.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday dockside on the Embarcardo you can purchase a ticket for a cruise where you find Cannon Battles, Cannon Firing from the Museum's Shore Battle Artillery Team, Kids Zone, food and entertainment, and for sure you will see plenty of pirates! Always lots of fun - so for more details and information, have a look at their Website at
Saturday, October 7 | 7 am - 1 pm
(Save the date)
One man's Trash is another man's Treasure! Plenty of spaces to sell - Marina tenants can get one space for free, and non-tenants are welcome and can sell used items for $15 and new items for $30. Great bargains always show up and great deals can be had.
Bring your fire extinguisher for re-filling by So-Cal State Fire Protection, The Sunbrella Man, The Rope Man and The Hat Man will all be here. Mexican Street Tacos will be available, plus live entertainment provided by S cott Wentworth's and Joe Hurtado's Rubber Band . So lighten your boat, clean out your dock box and garage, and bring it all down and try your skills of negotiating at the Marine Gear Swap Meet - always a good time!
Gossip Board 
The fish are here!  It's been documented that Southern California's offshore fishing season continues to witness increased bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, and yellowtail striped marlins are coming into play. Dorado is the order of the day.
Here are a couple of pictures of Terry Overland, and Teresa and Glenn Street with some really nice looking dorado. The Streets told me they have already filled their freezer with fish.
So nice job fellows and Teresa!
Pet Policy
Having a pet in the Marina is a privilege that can be withdrawn by the Marina at any time and at the sole discretion of the Marina. Here are our animal rules that you all agreed to when you first brought your boat in.
  1. Animals must stay on board the boat at all times, must not be left on board without the owner, and may only be on the docks if the owner is walking the pet on a leash.
  2. No pet barking or other noise is permitted. Threatening behavior towards people must be prevented at all times. Any animal pee or poop accidents on the docks must be promptly cleaned up. Any such animal mess can never be washed into the water. We have 4 free pet stops available for your use, plus multiple pet baggie stations throughout the landside portion on the property.
  3. Animals must never be taken into or washed in the restrooms or laundry facilities. We have a free Doggie Wash Station with warm water located in the Sunset Pavilion of the RV Resort available for your use.
  4. Blocking off fingers as a yard for animals is not allowed. Fingers are "safety" common areas, and the Marina and other tenants must always have open access to them.
Boat Concierge Program

Open to all Marina tenants with boats over 30 feet. Spend your time sailing...not getting ready to sail. Try our unique Boat Concierge Program. As a Boat Concierge Member, we will manage these services once monthly for your boat:
  • Professional Boat Wash
  • Bottom Clean
  • One Pump-Out
  • Ask us about our valet service
Pricing for these services are at the Marina's cost, well below street rates. We manage it for FREE. Call the office for more details at 619-691-1860 .
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