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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | San Diego Bay | Sept 2022

**Marine Gear Swap Meet - October 1st**

News from the Dockmaster

Welcome Mariners to the September issue of the CVM Newsletter. We had a great summer here at the Marina! There's still some time on the water to be had. With the change in season, there is some great sailing to do this time of the year. We have a nice Santa Ana breeze in the morning and usually a stronger onshore wind in the afternoon. The boat traffic in the bay is also noticeably less. So, I say take advantage of our ability to boat year-round in San Diego and cast your lines and get out there!! I mean, in some places in the U.S., boating season is already completely done until next year.

We will be having our Marine Gear Swap Meet October 1st. This is always a fun event at the Marina. We have the sign-up sheet ready, so please call the office and make your reservations.

See you on the docks!

Robert Zimmerman, Dockmaster

[email protected]

Welcome to Our New Mariners

Torin Eggen and Dalene Barton  purchased a 30’ Coronado that was already here at CVM;  Hossein Motamedi  purchased a 32’ Endeavor that was already here at CVM;  Eric Huizar  brought in his nice 25’ Thundercraft   Lucky Me Alex Ceilis  brought in his very nice 25’ Yamaha that he recently purchased;  Drue Cicchetto  brought in his awesome 54’ Bertram  Bandit  from Mission Bay Yacht Club;  Kevin Moyer  brought in his 39’ Grand Banks  Sea Senor  from Shoreline Marina;  James Obbanya  brought in his 30’ Sea Ray that he recently purchased;  Howard and Pamala Bean  sailed in their very nice 52’ Jeanneau  Nomad  from Anacontes Marina;  Barret Davis and Cory Culver  brought in their nice 42’ C and L  Sea Babe  that they recently purchased;  Rodney and Kathryn Peterson  sailed in their  nice Catalina  Windancer  from Ft Meyers. Welcome!

Please Do Not Feed the Ducks

Attention Marina tenants: Please do not feed the ducks! 

It has come to our attention that there is an abundance of ducks on the docks this year. Ducks will hang around areas where they have food and fresh water. 

Feeding the ducks is not healthy for them. It disrupts their natural diet, causes them to become reliant on human food and abandon their natural sources of nutrition, causing health issues. It also desensitizes them to human activity - meaning, they don’t mind hanging around people.

This has become quite a problem. Not only do the ducks make a mess on the dock and in the slips, but they will also make a mess on your boat and damage your gel-coat. 

Because of the Marina’s proximity to Bayside Park, we understand that there is wildlife around. We are also located in marine preserve, and we certainly do not want to disturb nature. However, eliminating their food source and fresh water source on the docks will encourage them to go elsewhere.

Please check your hoses. A leak in a hose is a fresh water source for ducks. If you notice that the leak is coming from where the spigot connects to the dock box, please call the office, and we can put in a maintenance request to repair the leak.  

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Marine Gear Swap Meet

Saturday, October 1st | 7 am - Noon

Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina’s Fall  Marine Gear Swap Meet.  We’ll be open from  7 am to Noon on Saturday, October 1st.  There will be lots of vendors, and thousands of good deals. You will always find anchors, fishing and survivor gear.  Good music and food  will be the order of the day. 

One space is available to all CVM tenants at no charge -  additional spaces:  used items $15 and new items $30.  For additional information call our office at  619-691-1860.  Space is limited - so make your reservation early.

Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s always a good time for all!

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