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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Sept 2020 | San Diego Bay
* Upcoming Events & Classes Cancelled
Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak *
News from the Dockmaster
I would like to start this issue of the Chula Vista Marina Newsletter with a big “thank you” to all of our tenants for their patience and understanding through the last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. I know it has not been easy on anyone, and we’re all ready to get back to life and boating as usual. I know this is not the summer we expected, but it is awesome to see you all out there doing your best to enjoy your vessels and the Marina. I am hopeful that some restrictions will be lifted soon, so we can open the areas we were forced to close.
On another note, I have noticed that many boats are being bought and sold. I have spoken with brokers and surveyors, and they agree the market is unusually hot right now. That is great for those who are trying to sell a boat, but if not done correctly, it can become a nightmare for all involved. Here are a few things a seller can do to ensure that a sale or transfer goes smoothly and correctly. First, in accordance with the license agreement  you are responsible for slip fees as long as the boat remains in the slip . The only way you can terminate responsibility of the slip is if
·  we approve the buyer’s slip application and he/she begins paying the rent.
· the boat leaves the Marina .
Until one of those two things happen,  you remain financially liable for all slip fees.  Second, make sure to put in a 30-day notice. These notices must be submitted on or before the 1 st  of the month in order for a full 30-day calendar month to be observed first to be valid. The Marina does not accept mid-month terminations. Finally, never turn over your key or slip access to someone who just purchased your vessel. Please confirm with the office that the new owner is either approved by Marina management for tenancy and has begun paying slip fees, or verify the date and time you or your buyer will be leaving the Marina. At this departure, you should finalize your sale and make sure to oversee that the boat actually leaves the slip. By doing these things you will not end up being stuck for months of rental fees and tied up in legal problems. If you are unsure or have any questions, stop by or call the office, we would be happy to explain the process to you.
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Michael Rimmer  has returned with his awesome 22’ Catalina  Rusty Razor Jammieson and Stephanie Pires brought in their very nice newly purchased 26’ Rabalo  Chasin Tail Brian Donovan and Mellisa Huizenga  sailed in their beautiful 37’ Hunter  Saol Nua  from Cabrillo Isle Marina;  Darren and Karen Simpson  sailed their amazing 47’ Bristol  Small World  from Safe Harbor Anacapa Isle;  Joshua Shaw  sailed his beautiful 45’ Trekker  Mamenchi Saurus all the way from Kewalos Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii;  Shelly Smigel  brought in her very nice 42’ Rough Water from Island Yacht Anchorage;  Stephen Curtis  brought in his very cool 40’ Corsair  Yahtzee  from Cabrillo Isle Marina;  Christina and Luis Labrada  brought over their awesome 24’ Yamaha Jet Boat from California Yacht Marina;  Eric Hahn  sailed in his beautiful 46’ Hunter  Luna Azul  from Oceanside Harbor ; Jerome Gilman  has returned and is ready to fish with his 24’ Skipjack  Hooker Alfred Maldonado  has returned with his beautiful 24’ Chapparal  Total Distraction Jonathan Favillo  has purchased a nice 24’ Bayliner that he recently purchased here at CVM;  Cynthia Robledo brought her awesome 23’ Kenner  Deep Deuce  from the trailer ; Marcus Pouliot  recently purchased a very nice 25’ Catalina that was already here at CVM;  Mike Wienold  brought over his awesome 40’ Kingfisher all the way over from Illinois; and  Andy Hendrickson  brought in his very nice 42’ Maxum  Soggy Peso . Welcome!
Chuck Furr, The Marina's Chief of Security
Many of you may recognize this man, Chuck Furr . Chuck was the Marina’s Chief of Security for the past 13 years.  Sadly, Chuck passed away earlier this month after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer.  Chuck came to the Marina as a boater in 2003 and had since lived aboard his sailboat. He had a long military career and later joined and retired from the National City Police Dept. He started as a patrol officer and eventually became a homicide detective and police lieutenant. After retirement he grew bored and talked his way into becoming our Security Chief. He was nocturnal by nature and provided strong leadership to our guards, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Chuck was an incredible man full of honor and fair play.  He was a man of his word and always did what he said. We will all miss him and the contributions he selflessly made to the quality of our marina lifestyle.  We miss you Chuck and love the man that you were.
Friendly Reminders & Helpful Hints
Chula Vista Marina encourages maintenance and upkeep of the vessels moored here,  but we are a recreational marina and not a boat yard.  Minor repairs and maintenance are OK, but no hull sanding, paint removal, spraying or scraping can be performed on Marina premises. Major construction or repair, painting or overhaul is not permitted. Please be courteous to your neighbors! If you have any questions about a project that you want to do, or you believe that someone is doing too much work that goes beyond what is permitted, then please let the Marina office staff know, and we will address any concerns you may have.
Please remember that the trash cans on the docks are for domestic trash only. If you have large or bulky items, please bring them up to the Marina office, and we can unlock the dumpster area for you and have you disposed of it there. There are certain items we cannot take, which include all hazardous waste and oily bilge water. We can only take used motor oil. If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, stop by the office and we can direct you to the nearest facility that can take it.
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