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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Oct 2021 | San Diego Bay
*Marine Gear Swap Meet - Saturday, October 2nd*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome, Mariners, to the October issue of the CVM Newsletter. We had a great summer here at the Marina! There’s still some time on the water to be had. With the change in season, there’s some great sailing to do this time of the year. We have a nice Santa Ana breeze in the morning and usually a stronger onshore wind in the afternoon. The boat traffic in the bay is also noticeably less. So, I say take advantage of our ability to boat year around in San Diego and cast your lines and get out there!! I mean in some places in the U.S., boating season is already completely done until next year.
As I mentioned in the last issue, we will be losing access to the RV property and facilities. I do want to let you know that we do have a plan for the interim until we complete the project at Dolphins adding showers. We will be getting a temporary restroom and shower set up for the tenants at H-M docks placed directly south of the Dolphins building in the loading zone area adjacent to the maintenance area. This is a temporary solution until the new restroom/shower project is completed.
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Shawn Skinner brought in his beautiful 36’ Uniflite  Just the Slip  from the Coronado Yacht Club; Jeffery and Nancy Miller brought in their very nice 46’ Spindrift  Life is Awesome  down from Marina Del Rey; Ross Kelley and Alexandra Morris purchased a very nice 27’ Carver that was already here at CVM; Daniel Drumheller sailed in his awesome 39’  Beneteau Phase 2  from Marina Harbor Marina Del Rey; Nathaniel Merino returned with a new 21 Bayliner that he recently purchased; Stephen Seal sailed in his very nice 39’ Invincible  Booyaa all the way from Washington state; Chuck and Joy Vinson brought in their awesome 44’ Rodman  Firenze  that they recently purchased; and George and Laura Livermore brought in their very cool 43’ Tiara from Bayshore Apartment Marina.  Welcome!
The DIY Approach to Maintaining Your Boat
Maintaining a boat is financially intense. However, it is a necessity if you want to avoid further costs in the long run and if you have plans for selling your boat in the future.  
Here are a few DIY approaches to maintaining your boat and, hopefully, reducing costs in the future:
  • Plan  - Map out which areas of boat maintenance will require a professional and which one can be easily done by yourself and the best approach to execute it.
  • Read  - Boats come with an engine manual. Read it. If it doesn’t come with a manual, then download it from the manufacturer’s website.
  • DIY  - Some tasks you might be able to do by yourself (after reading and maybe watching a few YouTube videos or asking your boater friends) are: engine tune-ups and filter changes, boat cleaning, and if your electrical connections are simple, then you can DIY that, too. (Anything electrical is tricky as it is a source of fire, so if you are not sure of your knowledge then seek a professional electrician).
  • Borrow (or Share) Tools  - DIY-ing also means using the right tools. And tools can be expensive. The solution: borrow from a boater friend (just make sure you return it in the same condition you borrowed it). Or, you can share the cost of tools with a boater friend.
  • Consider Learning a New Skill  - If you have the interest and passion for DIY, then adding a new skill would pave the way to successful DIY projects on your boat. Some skills you can learn are diving, woodworking, electrical repairs, painting, upholstery, etc. If you have the desire for it then it’s an investment to get the certification or finish a short course.
Unclaimed Kayaks/Paddleboards/Dinghies
Before the start of the summer season, the Marina office attempted to identify the owners of all of the various dinghies/kayaks/paddleboards and other items that were cluttering our racks on the docks.
Progress was made, but many remain unclaimed. The office has put letters on these items and any remaining after October 1 will be removed and stored by our Maintenance department.
The cost to store items on our dinghy/kayaks racks is $10.00 per month, and each space is now clearly numbered. If you are aware that you had an item on the rack but cannot remember if you claimed it, please check your October invoice for the $10.00 charge. If you do not see the charge, that means your item has been removed from the rack. You will need to contact the office to set up a time to claim your item, and then pay for the rack space you wish to occupy. You may also send an email to  [email protected]  if you have any questions about this.
Side-Ties:   The rent for side-ties at Chula Vista Marina is $15.00/ft. The office has contacted all owners who have dinghies/small boats on the side-ties who are not paying and asked them to please come in the office to pay for their space or relocate their boat elsewhere. These spaces are numbered H3-1 to H3-13 and A3-1 to A3-13. If you have a dinghy/small run-about tied to one of these side ties and have been tying up without paying, and if your boat remains in the space on October 1, your boat will be measured, and you will be charged the $15.00/ft for the space it occupies. You will need to submit the current registration and insurance for the vessel at that time, and you also need to sign a lease for that spot.
The office is here to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have, so feel free to contact us at any time .
"Something to Make You Laugh"
Upcoming Events
Marine Gear Swap Meet
Saturday, October 2nd
7 am - Noon
Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina’s Fall  Marine Gear Swap Meet.  We’ll be open from  7 am to Noon on Saturday, October 2nd.  There will be hundreds of vendors, and thousands of good deals. Shop the  Rope & Line Man, and the Hat Man . You’ll always find anchors, fishing, and survivor gear.  Good music and tacos will be the order of the day. 
One space available to all CVM tenants at no charge  - additional spaces:  used items $15 and new items $30.  For additional information call our office at  619-691-1860.  Space is limited - so make your reservation early.   619-691-1860
Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s always a good time for all!
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