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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | March 2020 | San Diego Bay
* St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour - Saturday, March 21 *
News from the Dockmaster
A common question we get in the office is from our first-time boat owners who want to know what they can do to keep their new pride and joy running and looking good. There are several things that if you take a little extra time in doing will save you a ton of money and keep your boat running and looking great. The most basic (and simplest) task is to wash your boat regularly. Rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove sea salt. A long-handled boat brush or a spray wand makes the job easy. You can find brush wands at your local marine retail store. To protect your boat's finish, be sure to use soaps and cleaners that are made specifically for boats. Also, have your hull cleaned regularly - in most cases once a month is standard. If you're tempted to let this chore slide, consider this fact: A boat with a clean hull is more fuel-efficient than a hull that's covered with algae or other aquatic scum.
Don't forget to change your oil. I know it’s hard to believe but this is one that often falls by the wayside. The frequency will vary by make and model, but a good rule to follow is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year, although I would suggest more. Did you know, the Marina has a receptacle for your used oil? We cannot take dirty bilge water or fuel. Bring up your used oil during office hours and Marina staff will show you the area where you can dump it at no cost to you.
Be sure to check the propeller regularly. Remove the propeller several times during the season to make sure discarded fishing line hasn't become wrapped around the propeller shaft. If it has, have your dealer inspect the gear case, because fishing line can cause gear case leaks and gear case service is not a do-it-yourself job and is a costly repair. Anytime you have the propeller off, inspect it for nicks, dents and other signs of damage. Send it out for repair if you find signs of impact aside from small nicks. The smallest dent can cause your boat to lose performance and to burn more fuel than normal. By doing these few simple things, your vessel will look and perform much better and will save you from a very large headache down the road .
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Robert and Tim Sutherland brought in there awesome 36’ North River  Leadslinger ; Alan and Deborah Eggleston sailed in their newly purchased 46 Ericson  Blackbird  from the mooring at A3 Laurel St; Steven Fairbairn and Suzanne Gale sailed in their very nice 26’ McGregor  Day Tripper ; Donn and Kariane Dill brought in their beautiful 42’ Californian  Pepenillo  from Humphreys Half Moon Marina; Edward and Cornell Villaverde brought in their very nice 32’ Maxum  Pau Hana  from Fiddlers Cove Marina; Calvin Mclean has returned with his amazing 86’ Burger Yachts  Panacea  from the boat yard. Welcome to your new water home!
New tenant,  Steve Fairbairn , in his 26’ McGregor out enjoying an afternoon sail with the 86’ Panacea   behind him
Friendly Reminders - Helpful Hints
Recently we have had several boat owners sell their boats, and the buyer did not remove the boat from the slip and/or just disappeared.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLIP FEES  while that boat remains in the slip. The only way you can end your responsibility for the slip is if we approve the buyer’s slip application, and he/she start paying rent, or the boat leaves. Until one of those two events occur,  YOU REMAIN FINANCIALLY LIABLE FOR ALL SLIP FEES
Helpful steps to follow:
  • Put in a 30-day notice. These notices must be submitted on or before the 1st of the month in order for a full 30-day calendar month to be valid. 
  • Do not turn your key(s) or slip access over to the person who purchased your boat
  • Confirm with CV Marina that the new owner is either approved by Marina management for tenancy and has begun paying rent, or the date/time you or your buyer will be leaving the Marina. At this departure point you should finalize your sale, and you should be here to verify that the boat leaves the slip.
***If you have not vetted your buyer or have not followed the correct procedures described here, you could be stuck for months of rental fees and tied up in legal problems.
Storage Units Available
Please stop by the office if you need a storage unit. We do not have them available often, and we now have  several storage units and restroom lockers available  right now. Please stop by the  Marina office  if you would like to look or get more information.
Upcoming Events
International Mariachi Festival at Bayside Park
Sunday, March 8 | 11 am-7 pm
National City Chamber of Commerce's  2020 Mariachi Festival  is a community-friendly event providing entertainment for families to come together and celebrate San Diego’s Mexican heritage through mariachi music, traditional ballet folkloric dancing, and a celebration of arts, culture, and culinary delights. This year, it will take place in  Chula Vista, Bayside Park !  For more information you’ll want to visit their website at:
St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour
Saturday, March 21 | 5-7 pm
Let’s have the St. Patrick’s celebration continue.  Join us in the  Dolphins Patio Bar for Happy Hour !  Bring your favorite beverage and we’ll have some corned beef sandwiches to share.  John Bowe  will be providing the entertainment for the evening, so stop by on join in the fun .
32nd Annual America's Schooner Cup Charity
Saturday, March 28
Some of the West Coast’s most beautiful traditional vessels will hoist their gleaming sails at the  32 nd  Annual America’s Schooner Cup Charity Regatta . The Regatta takes place off  San Diego Bay  and  raises funds for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) , a Navy-sponsored 501c (3) public nonprofit organization that exists to help meet the emergent financial needs of active duty and retired sailors, marines, and their families. The public is invited to  watch the race from shore  –  or come aboard a schooner  and see the competition on the water first-hand.  There is a fee for this event.  For details, go to  http://www.americasschoonercup.com/
Marina Classes for March
Marina Classes are free to CVM tenants and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee. For more information call the Marina office at 619-691-1860.
Friday Morning Classes Ongoing | 8:30 - 11:00 am 
Photoshop - Bring your laptop.
How to Provision Your Boat
Wednesday, March 4 | 7 pm
So, you are sailing off to a lovely tropical island… great! But what are you going to eat on the trip? Especially when you can’t just run down to the supermarket and grab some extra supplies. This course will cover all the basics for what you will need to have a well-stocked and provisioned vessel. Course instructor is Don Johnson from the South Bay Sailing Association .
Weekend Navigator Course
Saturday-Sunday, March 7-8 | 9 am - 3 pm each day
The basic portion of the weekend navigator class is designed to teach the student the rudiments of navigation by using GPS, and to have the backup skills of navigation using charts, navigation plotting tools and dead reckoning. The intent is to provide the student with a solid foundation with emphasis on technique and not blind reliance on electronics. GPS will be mentioned and discussed as it relates to plotting waypoints etc. The advanced portion of the course covers the use of GPS and other electronic devices in more technical detail as well as some more sophisticated traditional navigation skills as backups.  This is a 2-day class from 9 am to 3 pm, the fee is $50 for one person or $60 for a couple sharing materials . There is limited seating available so please contact instructor Bill Anderson to  sign up (619) 922-0231 .
Cooking On Your Boat
Wednesday, March 18 | 7 pm
Cooking on a boat  is  different from cooking ashore. There are smaller counters, storage spaces, stoves, and refrigerators. The water and power supplies are limited. You may not have a lot of provisions on hand and there's no grocery store around the corner. But that doesn't mean that you can't have great meals! Learn effective ways to meet the challenges and turn out delicious everyday meals without being a galley slave.  Don Johnson from the South Bay Sailing Association .
Boating Safety
Saturday, March 21 | 9 am-5 pm
This beginning boating class provides the knowledge needed to obtain a California Boater Card. This is a terrific class for new boat owners. Topics include all types of boats, trailering, navigation, boat handling, boating problems, safe boating, hunting, fishing and water skiing, and much more. This is an 8-hour class and the fee is $35 . There is limited seating so sign up early. The class is approved for CA Boater Card . Instructor Bill Anderson U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. ( 619) 922-0231 .
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