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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | June 2020 | San Diego Bay
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Due to COVID-19 Outbreak *
News from the Dockmaster
Can you see it?? The light at the end of the tunnel, I sure think I can. You may have noticed we are starting to get in our new tenants who had to delay their moves due to the pandemic. The Port officially opened up the Bay to recreational boating. There are some rules to that, though. If you take your boat out for a pleasure cruise on the Bay, everyone on the vessel must be a part of the same household and must practice social distancing. A step in the right direction, I think. I know many of you are curious when we will be able to re-open the rest of our facilities, but we must wait for the approval of local state and federal officials. We will send out an email and add into our newsletter when we are able to move forward with that. I can just tell we are going to have a great summer at CVM!
This picture was taken by Frank and Judy Kubik on F dock just the other day as the U.S. Thunderbirds did a flyover as a salute to all the healthcare workers who are doing so much during these trying times. Pretty cool picture. I was unable to make it outside to see the flyover, but I certainly heard them. Thank you, Frank and Judy, for sending this over to us!
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Julian Maurer  –  Mary Jane  34’ Silverton;  Vinton Freedley  –  Ho’okele  38’ Seawind;  Max Durand  –  Looney Bin II  46’ Novatec;   Eric Ahlvin  –  S/V Rover  45’ Valiant 42, from Baja California;  Catherine Rivera  –  The Other Girl  36’ Hunter Sailboat, Navy Yacht Club Coronado;  Frank Kubik  –  Sea Camper  26’ MacGregor;  Keith Laughlin  – 25’ Monterey Cruiser, from El Cajon;  Grace Collins  –  Knot so Fast  36’ Holiday Mansion Barb, was already at CVM;  Marcel Fernandez  –  Guten Prank  36’ Pearson 365, from Long Beach;  Michael Bollschweller  –  Triton  35’ Uniflite Sedan, from King Harbor;  Sarah Char  –  INGEN 2UP  46’ C&L Marine Taiwan, already at CVM;  Claudia Saldana  –  In a Meeting  37’ America Marine Laguna, from Pier 32;  David Baum  – 23’ Maxum 2300, brought from home;  Jacob Peterson  –  Miss Sota , 27’ Catalina, from Shelter Cove.  Welcome one and all!
Friendly Reminders & Helpful Hints
Selling Your Boat.   Recently we have had several boat owners sell their boats, and the buyer of that boat did not remove the boat from the slip and/or the buyer just disappeared.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLIP FEES as long as that boat remains in the slip.  The only way you can end your responsibility of the slip is if we  approve the buyer’s slip application and he/she starts paying rent, or the boat leaves.  Until one of those two events occur,  YOU REMAIN FINANCIALLY LIABLE FOR ALL SLIP FEES .
Helpful Steps to Follow: 
  • Put in a 30-day notice. These notices must be submitted on or before the first of the month in order for a full 30-day calendar month to be valid.
  • Do not turn your key(s) or slip access over to the person who purchased your boat.
  • Confirm with CV Marina that the new owner is either approved by Marina management for tenancy and has begun paying rent, or the date/time you or your buyer will be leaving the Marina. At this departure point you should finalize your sale and be here to verify that the boat leaves the slip.
*** If you have not vetted your buyer or have not followed the correct procedures described here, you could be stuck for months of rental fees and tied up in legal problems.  If your buyer is a charity (or you have donated your boat to them), these same rules apply.   Vet your charity as well .
Dinghies in Empty Slips.   You are not allowed to dock your dinghy in what appears to you to be an empty slip.  Your dinghy must be tethered inside your slip , placed on a dinghy rack that you have rented, or placed on a side tie you have rented.  H1-29 is a slip designated for FREE temporary moorage of your dinghy, but it has a 72-hour limit.  If your dinghy is left in a slip not rented to you, security will cite the dinghy and it is subject to tow and fees.
Parking your vehicles in the Marina parking lot.   Any vehicles parked overnight in the parking lot must have a current  Parking Sticker  issued by the Marina.  You may not store your vehicle in the lot, even with a sticker.  It must be moved every 72 hours or it will be cited and is subject to tow.  We do offer a long-term storage area on the south end of the lot.   Rental rates are a low $150/mo  for one parking space.  This is much cheaper than taking to a self-storage facility or even long-term airport parking.  It is also much cheaper than rescuing your vehicle from the tow yard impound.
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