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The Chula Vista Marina Resort Newsletter
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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Jan 2018 | San Diego Bay
*It's Time to Winterize Your Boat*
Welcome to our New Mariners

Welcome Aboard2
Arran Flanagan is back from South America on Lady Amber, their 65-ft research vessel which is a staysail schooner.  The ship is owned by the University of Washington, and their mission is to drop off and pick up water drones that can stay on station for a few months to test for water temperature. Other mariners include Caleb Ward who came in on his 25-ft Bayliner; Lee Vanmiddlesworth had his 31-ft cutter rigged Gozzard named Tamari trucked in from Annapolis, Maryland; Doug Day came in on his 31-ft Bertram fishing machine named SeaWolf; David Rowe sailed in on his awesome Hylas 44 named Unicorn with plans of heading south next year; James Niedermeyer is back with his powerboat Junipero that just completed the Great American Loop; John Northrop came in from Dana Point on his 42-ft Chris Craft named Dutchess; Mark and Sherri Bradley had their 65-ft two story Skipperliner trucked in from Lake Mead named Wild Burro; Marty Joseph is back on a new 26-ft Ericson named Wild Horses; and Heiko Mueller sailed in on his 24-ft Corsair named Raven which would be a blast to sail here in the South Bay!
News ( and farewell) from the Dockmaster

Hard to believe we're already sailing into a new year! My favorite saying is "time sure flies when you're having fun."  In a boater's world it's time to get excited about the new year, cleaning out your old gear, starting fresh, looking forward to those new experiences and setting some ambitious goals.  You may want to add some marine and boating educational classes to your 2018 list as we are hosting some wonderful classes right here in the Marina Room at Chula Vista Marina.
We had the pleasure of meeting some very adventurous mariners this past year, a few navigating the entire planet. Hard to believe how far boaters will navigate, regardless of the size of their yachts. The Marina staff has a bit of an unfair advantage, as we get to meet everybody, to hear firsthand their extraordinary stories, some of which are really quit amazing!
We have another calendar year jam-packed with new activities, which will certainly include our Marine Gear Swap Meets, Concerts at the Sunset Pavilion, and our famous "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" Party. The Hobies will be back, with their Rubber Band that includes marina tenants Scott Wentworth and Joe Hurtado. We'll get our new special events calendar up and posted soon so that you can make your plans.
Our 2018 Tide Books are in so feel free to stop in the office and pick one up.
And on a final note, this is my last newsletter. After six years here at Chula Vista Marina, it's time for me to slow this thing down, do more sailing, do some traveling, have some of my own adventures and just have some fun. Being a dockmaster has been a great and challenging experience. I have had a chance to work with some of the hardest working and dedicated people I have ever met. Getting to know our tenants, hearing about their adventures and places they have been have been priceless. So, time to get off this wave and paddle out to go catch a new one.  I'm grateful to have been part of your boating experience.
Happy New Year!

Mike Sullivan
Some Fun Pictures From 2017 
Port Inspection - January 17, 2018 

Yep, it's that time of year again when the Port District Environmental Specialist will visit the Marina to inspect the docks and storm drains.  If you've experienced this last year, then you know that we need to be diligent in picking up any materials and personal gear around your dock fingers - everything should be on the boat or in the dock box.
Please note: we cannot store any cleaning solutions, thinners, paint, varnish, fertilizer, gas cans, or lighter fluid, especially under the dock steps or behind the dock boxes.  Robert and the Marina staff will do our preliminary dock walk beforehand. If you have inadvertently left something behind,  we'll contact you or pick it up and place it on your boat.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Marina office. Thank you for your cooperation.
Dinghy & Kayak Racks Have Available Space

As you reorganize for winter, you may want to get your dinghy or kayak out of the way. Come and talk to us - we charge $10 per month to put your dinghy or kayak up on the rack.

Also available - in-water side ties only $15 per month. Also available are restroom lockers for $18, and mail box rentals are $25 per month.
Time to Winterize 
  1. Clean and tighten electrical connections, especially both ends of your battery cables.
  2. Check the engine shaft and rudder stuffing boxes for leaks and looseness.
  3. Check all the rest of your though-hull fittings for any leakage.
  4. Inspect fuel lines, including fill and vent hoses, for indication of softness, brittleness or cracking.
  5. Wipe flexible hoses with a clean cloth. A strong odor of gasoline or diesel indicates hose should be replaced.
  6. Inspect all other components in the fuel system, fuel tanks and fuel pumps. Hose clamps should be tight and free of heavy rust.
  7. Cooling hoses should be inspected for signs of old age. Check for stiffness, rot, leaks, and or cracking and replace as necessary. 
  8. Don't forget the easy things like closing and locking all your windows and hatches. Even a little rain can be damaging.
  9. Check and re-tie your dock lines, and run a spring line from the bow to the middle cleat on the dock. This keeps the boat from riding up over the dock.
  10. And please, if you have a sailboat, tie back your halyards so they don't clang against the mast - your neighbors will appreciate it.
Niedermeyer's Great Adventure 

Remember this picture with their ambitious adventure of the Great American Loop? Well believe it or not Junipero is back from the Panama Canal and safely in her slip where she started a year ago. Jim completed the entire trip for a grand total of 9,300 nautical miles.
Jim has offered to do a presentation of his trip. We'll let everyone know the date as soon as Jim has had a chance to sort out all his pictures. Welcome back Jim, really looking forward to hearing all about the "Niedermeyer's great adventure."
Happy New Year From Chula Vista Yacht Club

CVYC is recruiting for new members with new ideas, passion for sailing, cruising, fishing, boating and excitement to grow. Get in on the ground floor. Come join the adventure! Contact Vice Commodore Jackie Altman at
Martin Luther King's Day Weekend
Friday-Sunday | January 12-15
Friday, January 12 - We'll kick off this three-day weekend with a Happy Hour in the Central Court Yard 4:30- 6:30 pm.
Saturday, January 13 - George James will be here at the Sunset Pavilion from 4-6 pm. Be sure to join us as it's gonna be a great show!
NFL Playoff Games
Saturdays & Sundays | January 6, 7, 13, 14, & 21
The first two Saturdays and first three Sundays in January:  We will show the games on the big screen TV in the Poolside Room, and the bar will be set up for beverages and snacks too! It's a great way to see the best games of the year and experience the build-up that will be Super Bowl Sunday! We'll celebrate this with our Super Bowl Party on February 4th.
Super Bowl Sunday
February 4 | Super Bowl Game & Guacamole Contest
Enjoy fellow NFL Football fans and watch the really big game on the big screen TV in the Poolside Room of the RV Park or, for a smaller crowd, at the Marina Room. Bring your Guacamole to share - we will provide the judges and the prizes for the Best Guacamole.
RV Resort Store
Propane - $4.59 per gallon
Need Propane? Why drive into town when you can pick it up at the RV Resort!
Stop in the store and they will be happy to fill up your tanks.
Boat Concierge Program
If you would like some help maintaining your boat, try our Concierge Membership. For Members we will manage your monthly top deck cleaning, bottom cleaning and pump-out service.  Membership is free - concierge services are at cost.
On top of all that, we offer Valet Service, too. Valet Service members will receive Free Delivery of select provisions available at our RV Store.
Marina Classes for January

Marina Classes are  free to CVM tenants   and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee.
For more information call the Marina Office at 619-691-1860.
8:30-11:00 am | Marina Room
Bring your own laptop. Instructor: Don Johnson
7-9 pm |  Marina Room
Boater ID Exam Prep

January 10 - Session 1
January 17 - Session 2
January 24 - Session 3
January 31 - Session 4
As of January 1, 2018, the mandatory boating safety education law goes into effect, and it will be phased in by age (2018 requires anyone under 20 years of age to have the card). If you operate any type of motorized vessel on California waterways (including powered sailboats/paddlecraft), you will be required to pass an approved boating safety examination and carry a lifetime California Boater Card. These sessions will cover all the basic information on the examination.  USCG charge of $50 pp for this class.
9:30-11:00 am |  Marina Room   
Sat, January 13
About Boating Safety
Introduction to boating, boating laws, rules of the road, safety equipment aids, buoys and beacons are just a couple of topics that will be covered. Don't miss this informative boating presention. This is an 8-hour class, 9-5 pm, and USCG fee is $35 pp. Instructor - Bill Andersons, U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary Flotilla 114. Limited seating, so sign up early by calling the Marina office.
Sat-Sun, January 20-21 | 9 am - 3 pm
(2) Five-hour sessions

Weekend Navigator
Cost for this 2-day session is $50 pp, $60 for couples. Space is limited so call for your reservation now at 619-922-0231.  This is a great way to jump right into it and learn what you need to know to get from point A to Point B. This is a two-day class with a ton of material, but when you're finished you will be able to safely navigate locally, and with a little experience you will be doing coastal cruising. Bill Anderson instructor, U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary 114.
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