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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Jan 2022 | San Diego Bay
*Happy New Year!*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome Mariners to the January edition of the Chula Vista Marina newsletter. I would like to say Happy New Year as we start 2022. I have a good feeling about this year!! As some of you know we are making some changes around the Marina. We have officially opened our Mariners Lounge, complete with a complimentary coffee machine. The space has been entirely redone, and it’s awesome! This is a great spot to stop and hangout while enjoying some amazing coffee and get to meet some new neighbors. We are continuing the project at Dolphins to add some showers as well and hope to have that project completed soon. Next on the list is moving the bike racks into the Dolphins building. We will be charging $5.00 per month for storage in the building, but now your bikes won’t be exposed to the weather, and it’ll add an extra level of security. 
We have officially switched the software that is used in the Marina office. If you are on autopay, you’ll need to access the new payment portal for online payments as well as continue autopay if you were using that for payment before January. The office staff is available to assist you with this if you are have any issues. We’ll no longer be able to process cards in the office or over the phone. Those payments must be done through the payment portal online. The only payments that can be accepted in the office are cash and check. Again, if you have any issues or are unsure on how to make your slip payments, please contact us in the office, and we will walk you through your options.
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Dennis and Lori Staggs sailed in their very nice 37’ Catalina RodetripMichael Baril sailed in his very nice 30’ Catalina from The Coronado Cays ; Lynn Myers brought in her awesome 41’ Canoe Cove Slow Motionfrom Sun Harbor Marina; Scott and Judi Boad brought in their very nice 40’ Carver Magical Daze down from Newport; Leisa Smoot sailed in her 27’ Ericson that she has recently purchased; Richard Cristo brought in his awesome 44’ Californian that he recently purchased; Barbara and Christian Godin sailed in their nice 30’ Catalina Aurora from Haven Yacht Marina; Keith Schuck brought in his very cool 38’ Boston Whaler Akula ; Anthony and Tamee Verdone brought in their very cool CHB Carefree that they recently purchased; Jeff and Fawn Hettick sailed in their beautiful 47’ Beneteau Bonne Journee from Rainbow Marina; Nicholas and Michael Updike sailed in their awesome 35’ Beneteau Nightwatch from Half Moon Marina; Tracey Matthewspurchased a very nice 48’ Pacifica that was already here at CVM; and Michael Cooney sailed in his nice 35’ Oday Spirit. Welcome!
Friendly Reminder - Helpful Hints
Being Prepared for the Unexpected While Docking
There are several unexpected situations that can cause a whole lot of stress and worry while you are coming in or out of your slip. It can be heavy boat traffic in the basin or sudden shifts in the wind as you make your approach. Loss of engine power is probably the worst of them all as you lose the ability to steer all together. Sometimes these things happen. You can do a couple of things to prepare your boat and crew to help make these situations much more manageable should they happen to you.
  1. Rig docking lines on both sides of the boat. Things can change once you get into a narrow maneuvering situation. With lines rigged on each side, you are ready to tie up on port or starboard side.
  2. Hang two to three fenders on each side - one near the bow and another near the beam. This protects you no matter which side you dock on and protects other boats in case you make contact while maneuvering. It also helps to have someone standby as a rover with a fender that can place it where needed.
  3. Break out a boat hook or two. Open up the collapsible-type boat hook to the full extended position. This helps your crew reach hard to grab lines without leaning out over the water.
  4. Know your wind and current. Near the entrance to the marina or yacht basin, stop your boat. Which way does she drift? What signs do you see inside the basin to indicate wind direction? For current, check water flowing around pilings, day-beacons, or light structures.
Proper Waste Disposal
Please remember that we cannot dispose of large items, bilge water, or fuel. We can only dispose of used oil. Please do not leave these items at the gates or in the trash cans. If you need assistance in finding a place or a company to dispose of these products, the office has information for a local facility here in Chula Vista. They’ll take all your hazardous materials and large bulky items. For regular trash items that are too big for the cans on the docks, please bring them up to the dumpster area. The office staff is more than happy to assist you with access to the dumpster.
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