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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Jan 2021 | San Diego Bay
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News from the Dockmaster
Ahoy 2021
Happy New Year, Mariners!! As we welcome in 2021 and say good riddance to 2020, may the wind be ever in our favor. I am so happy to say we have made it to a new year.  For me, remaining optimistic about what is happening around me is a big part of dealing with all the ups and downs we have recently experienced. Like Jimmy Buffet says, “It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad”.  I wish all of you a Happy New Year - let’s make this one AWESOME!!
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Annual Port Inspection
Our annual port inspection will happen very soon. We ask that you start some New Year’s cleaning. Here are a few key things they will look for:
  • Please ensure that all fingers are cleared of any stored items.
  • Check to make sure all gas cans are secured to the vessel if they are topside.
  • And make sure there are no chemicals or hazardous materials stored in the dock box that could leak into the bay. 
  • Pump out any standing water in your vessels or dinghies.
  • Ensure that all potted plants have something to contain any water that seeps out of the pot. San Diego Bay is a no-discharge area, and the Port and the Marina take being good stewards to the Bay very seriously.
The inspection is semi-random and will happen between January and March. Thank you all for helping us to ensure we’re doing all we can to avoid any pollutants or runoff getting into the Bay. Feel free to stop by or give us a call if you have questions about the inspection and what they’ll be looking for. 
Welcome to Our New Mariners
John and Jennifer Harris  brought over their newly purchased 42’ Regal Commodore  J-cation  from Fiddlers Cove Marina;  Bruce and Lynette Bayne  sailed over their very nice 41’ Fast Passage  No Regrets  all the way from Oregon;  Marie Murphy and Zachary Dirks sailed  their very cool 38’ Cross  Thesis  from Shoreline Marina in Long Beach;  Terry and Karen Senier  have brought in their second boat to the Marina, a very nice Alexander  Howie B  from San Blass, Mexico;  Jacqueline Sayre  sailed over her awesome 46’ Hunter  Pocahontas  from Newport Beach;  Juan and April Martos  purchased a beautiful  34’ Baba  Nomad  that was here at CV Marina;  Jonathan Buhrman  brought over his very nice 44’ Searay  Seeker  over from Fiddlers Cove Marina;  Tom Ascherl  sailed over his beautiful 30’ Catalina  Shoogs  from the Coronado Yacht Club;  Terry and Herb Schmidt  brought in their very cool 39’ Eagle Trawler  Beulah from the Southwestern Yacht Club ;  Mark Selawry and Kathryn Lundberg  have recently purchased a beautiful 44’ Antares  Serenity  that was already here at CV Marina;  Juan Guerrero  purchased his 25’ Catalina that was already here at CV Marina; Javier Mean and Roger Cazares brought in their very nice 26’ Monterey over from Marina Cortez; and  Lance Trzcinka and Josephine Morales  brought in their awesome 60’ Monticello  The Offic e over from Marina Cortez. Welcome!
Christmas at the Marina
Here are some pictures of those who really got into the spirit of Christmas! Your boats looked great!
1st Row - Marina Office, F1-99, C1-14
2nd Row - F2-01, J1-19 
Boat Life Hack
Have a scratched windshield, clear-vinyl curtains or sunglasses?  Try a fine polish like 3M Finesse - It works well.  So do kitchen countertop polishes.
Source: kingmanyachtcenter.com
Sailing Trivia & Humor
Test your knowledge:
  1. 1) What color flag must be flown when first entering the territorial waters of another country?
A.  Green        B. Yellow
2) Jim decided to show me how to make a very useful knot.  He said I could learn how to tie it if I’d remember a story about a squirrel that comes up a hole, goes around a tree, and then goes back down the hole.  What kind of knot did he teach me?
A. Bowline      B. Sheet bend
Answers:  1-B  2-A
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