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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Feb 2020 | San Diego Bay
* Valentine's / Presidents Day Weekend Happy Hour - Feb 14 *
News from the Dockmaster
Hello Chula Vista Mariners! We’re off to a great start to 2020, although we have been getting some rain.  It is very important that you double check that your mooring lines are securely tied and that your tenders are also secured and covered (if possible). Many times, covers will fill up with water and ultimately collapse resulting in water getting into your vessel. In addition, ensure any property that could blow away is stowed properly. Following a storm, we recommend that boaters come down and physically check the condition of their vessels and tender. If you see a vessel that appears to be low in the water, please contact the Marina office so we can address the situation. With this colder weather I’m sure many of you have brought out an electric space heater for your boats. Just a reminder that some heaters are better suited for use on boats than others. The better ones have a very wide base and timers so they will automatically shut off after a certain temperature or time is reached. Actually, very few are designed for use on boats so please be extra cautious, use common sense and safe practices when using electric space heaters on board your boats. And remember, they’re expensive in terms of electricity usage.  It’s always a good idea to check your fire extinguishers aboard for their service dates. If you find your extinguishers are in need of service, please call or stop by the office so we can assist you in getting in touch with the right people at So-Cal State Fire Protection.
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Robert Senter  brought in his awesome 37’ Roughwater  Wild Coho Mike Burk and Vickie Kurpjuweit  brought in their newly purchased 60’ Monk that they have not named yet over from the broker dock;  John Ludwig  brought in his beautiful 48’ C&C  Acionna David Ray and Renee Hall  sailed in their beautiful 45’ Jeanneau  Freedom Song  from Moss Landing;  Brad and Nicole Larkin  brought in their awesome 46’ Tiara  Good News  from the Silver Seas sales dock;  Carl West  brought in his very nice 30’ Carver all the way from Sacramento Marina.  Welcome to your new Home!
Long-Term Vehicle Storage Now Available
Parking a vehicle in our parking lot for free is an added value we are happy to extend to our boaters. We have done so since 1984.   Each slip can park one vehicle for up to 72 hours for free .  Extended stay guests who have 2 people listed on their license agreement can park up to 2 vehicles, again for up to 72 hours.  If you find that you are going to be absent from your boat and need to leave your vehicle in our lot  for more than 72 hours, we now offer month-to-month storage  at the south end of our parking lot.  The fee is  $150 per month  for each parking space you use.  Once you sign a storage agreement you will be given a parking pass and allowed to move your vehicle to this new area.  
If you simply leave your vehicle in our parking lot for over 72 hours, it is subject to tow and penalty storage of $350 per month per parking space.  So, if you have a need to leave your vehicle longer than 72 hours, stop by the office and get a storage agreement to store the vehicle—the vehicle must be moved to our new storage area. We can do this agreement electronically, but you will need to provide current registration and insurance for the storage agreement.
For more information, please call the  Dockmaster at (619) 691-1860  or email at  [email protected] .
Friendly Reminders - Helpful Hints
With the start of the New Year we ask you please take a moment to make sure we have the following on file:
  • Current vessel insurance (with $500,000 min. liability and the Marina listed as the additional insured on the policy)
  • Current boat registration or documentation 
  • Update your phone numbers and email addresses with office staff. Also, please update any emergency contact info you may have. 
  • Please update the numbers you have in case of an emergency at the Marina.
During  office hours 8:30 am to 5:00 pm  please contact the  office at 619-691-1860 . For  after hours , the  Marina Security number is 619-254-6487 .
CVPD non-emergency is 619-691-5150 .   CV Fire Dept. is 619-691-5055  for all  emergencies please dial 911 .
CRITICAL NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH REMINDER.   Do not let anyone tailgate through the gate or restrooms after you .  If they don’t have a key, they don’t belong here.  If you let them in, you are inviting burglary or worst to your neighbors.  If someone seems nice, have them call security (phone # is on the yellow sign at all entries/exits), and they will be happy to connect them with their CVM tenant they are trying to reach.
On the Lighter Side
Is it bad luck to rename a boat? Many boaters and sailors, though, insist changing the name brings  bad luck . If you must change it, you should perform a ceremony first to ensure good  luck . Whether or not you're superstitious, if you decide to change the name of your boat, fellow sailors consider it good form to perform a re-naming ritual .
Upcoming Events
Super Bowl LIV Party
Sunday, February 2 | 3 pm
It’s Super Bowl LIV! We have been avidly watching the play-offs hoping that our favorite team will make it through to the Big Game.  Join fellow NFL Football fans at  3 pm in the Dolphins Patio Bar  area to watch the game on the big screen. We’ll have a  Nacho Bar  set up as well as  Beer and Wine for sale  – Be sure to stop in and join in the fun!
Valentine's / President's Day Weekend
Friday, February 14 | Happy Hour at Dolphin's Patio Bar | 5-7 pm
In honor of the long weekend – Let’s kick it off right with a  Happy Hour !  We’ll have  John Bowe as our live entertainer  for the evening.  Make sure you stop by, meet some of your neighbors, enjoy the great music, food and beverages and enjoy the first of many gatherings in this new year .
Marina Classes for February
Marina Classes are free to CVM tenants and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee. For more information call the Marina office at 619-691-1860.
Friday Morning Classes On-going | 8:30 - 11:00 am 
Photoshop - Bring your laptop.
Boating Safety
Saturday, February 1 | 9 am-5 pm
This beginning boating class provides the knowledge needed to obtain a California Boater Card. This is a terrific class for new boat owners. Topics include all types of boats, trailering, navigation, boat handling, boating problems, safe boating, hunting, fishing and water skiing, and much more. This is an 8-hour class and the fee is $35 . There is limited seating so sign up early. The class is approved for CA Boater Card. Instructor Bill Anderson U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. ( 619) 922-0231 .
Suddenly in Command
Saturday, February 15 | 9-11 am
Misfortunes occur in seconds, and you have the rest of your life to be grateful that you knew what to do because you were prepared. Don’t miss this informative boating presentation.  Cost is $35 . There is limited seating so sign up early. Instructor:  Bill Anderson Coast Guard Auxiliary (619) 922-0231 .
Marine Toilet Repair & Maintenance
Saturday, February 22 | 9-11 am
Learn the proper methods and technique for repairing and maintaining marine toilets. Learn common problems associated with the head on a boat as well as the tools and equipment needed to service them. The class will be instructed by  Chris from A-Z Marine . Seating is limited - please contact the Chula Vista Marina to sign up at  619-691-1860.  Class is  free for Marina tenants and $10 for non-tenants .
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