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The Chula Vista Marina Resort Newsletter
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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | Feb 2018 | San Diego Bay
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Welcome to our New Mariners

Welcome Aboard2
Gary Watkins returned on his 22-ft Catalina named The Ernest Hemingway; Brian Regan came in from Shelter Island on his 38-ft C&L named Crusader; Cody Dornblaser purchased his 32-ft Norman Cross named White Manta right here in our marina; Joshua & Courtney White brought their 34-ft Catalina named Southern Wind from Harbor Island; Shane Jordan purchased his 37-ft Holiday Mansion boat right here in the marina; John Williford brought in his 33-ft Trojan named Sunset; William Foss brought his 34-ft Columbia from Mission Bay; Bruce Branson is here with his 18-ft Hobie Tandem Island (hopefully he will join in the June races off our beach); return tenant Dr. James Ellingford and wife just arrived on their 65-ft Nordhavn named Pendana (they have been cruising from Sydney Harbor, traveled to Hawaii and up to Kodiak, Alaska, all the way through Prince William Sound and south down the inside passage - I'll bet they have some stories to tell!); Joseph & Katherine Randazzo came in from cruising with their Irwin 43 Mark III named Piano; Cameron VanDorssen arrived with a 22-ft Catalina from Fiddlers Cove; and Nicholas Bernabe purchased his 34-ft Custom Multihull Sail named No Sniveling right here in our marina.  Welcome - we are glad you are here!
Winter Storms

We actually thought we were going to escape a repeat of the winter storms that came through the marina the last two years. Not so - January began very nicely but midway through the month, POW, we got hit! Actually, the rain is one thing, but the winds as always were crazy! But thanks to all the winterizing of boats on the part of our great tenants, we escaped with only a couple lines breaking loose and a couple of sails unfurling. Let's continue the excellent work as winter has just begun, and who knows what we will be facing in February as far as storms?
Port Environmental Inspection 

We had our dock inspection on Friday, January 11th.  Not bad but could have been better. Just a reminder that BBQ'S may not be stored on the docks, and there were several buckets with standing water from the rains. Please put all your cleaning supplies including your buckets away on your boat when not in use. Please note: Nothing should be on your finger except your dock steps which leads up to the next section of the newsletter.. .
Heads Up on New Dock Step Rules

Some tenants have been crazy creative in the dock steps they have purchased. Many are too wide and are being used as storage bens as well. This creates a safety hazard on the finger. It also damages the concrete floats causing the finger to eventually list.
As a reminder...

BOARDING STEPS.  Temporary, removable, non-affixed, non-secured dock steps may be placed on the north side of the dock finger adjacent to the Vessel (J Dock steps should be on the east side of the dock finger), and all steps are subject to marina approval. Dock steps may not be used for storage.  Dock steps must be no wider than one-half the width of the finger, and no longer than three (3) feet. The steps must be of a light-weight polyethylene construction .
If your existing dock step does not comply with this requirement, we have a small supply of dock steps we can loan you for 30 days while you shop for the proper dock step. We can even rent or sell you our dock step if that is easier for you. For more information, please call the office at 619-691-1860.

You might think this is a crazy statement so let me explain. Recently, we have had several boat owners sell their boats, and the buyer of that boat did not remove the boat from the slip and/or the buyer just disappeared. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLIP FEES as long as that boat remains in the slip. The only way you end that responsibility is if we approve the buyer's slip application and he starts paying rent, or the boat leaves. Until one of those two events occur, YOU REMAIN FINANCIALLY LIABLE FOR ALL SLIP FEES.
HELPFUL STEPS TO FOLLOW:   Put in a 30-day notice. Do not turn your keys or slip over to the person who purchased your boat. Confirm with CV Marina that the new owner is either approved by marina management for tenancy and has begun paying rent, or the date/time you or your buyer will be leaving the marina. At this departure point you should finalize your sale, and you should be here to verify that the boat leaves the slip.
If you have not vetted your buyer or have not followed the correct procedures described here, you could be stuck for months of rental fees and tied up in legal problems.
Super Bowl Sunday
February 4 | Super Bowl Game & Guacamole Contest
Enjoy fellow fans and watch the game on our big screen TV. Root for your team, munch on tortilla chips and hot dogs and enjoy the different Guacamole styles.
Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies
Friday | February 9
Join us in the Courtyard to watch the ceremonies on the Big Screen TV. Join in with fans and watch the games on our big screen TV. Root for your favorite athletes and watch them compete for the gold medal.
Valentine's Day Wine & Dine
Wednesday | February 14
Looking for something to do for Valentine's Day and don't want to go out in the hustle and bustle? Join us in the Central Courtyard for a special Valentine's Day Wine & Dine. Bring your favorite wine and appetizer pairing for some sharing. It is sure to be a great time!
Presidents Day Weekend
Concert on the Green with Trade Winds
Saturday, February 17 
Bring your comfy chair and join us in the Sunset Pavilion for our second Concert on the Green series. Local band Trade Winds will be here entertaining us with their tropical-rock music vibe.
Marina Classes for February

Marina Classes are  free to CVM tenants   and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee.
For more information call the Marina Office at 619-691-1860.
8:30-11:00 am | Marina Room
Bring your own laptop. Instructor: Don Johnson
7-9 pm |  Marina Room (taught by Coast Guard Auxilliary)
Start of a 17-session in-depth Celestial Navigation course taught by Ed Brunjes. The fee for this course is $15/session with $37 for the text book. Ed has to have 5 students registered (and paid) before he can teach the course, so please come to the office to sign up.
Celestial Navigation is the ancient and modern practice of  position fixing  that enables a navigator to transition through a space without having to rely on estimated calculations, or  dead reckoning , to know their position. Celestial  navigation  uses "sights", or angular measurements taken between a  celestial body  (e.g., the  Sun , the  Moon , a  planet , or a  star ) and the visible  horizon . The Sun is most commonly used, but navigators can also use the Moon.

February 7     Celestial Navigation - Sun Sights Session 1
February 14   Celestial Navigation - Sun Sights Session 2
February 21   Celestial Navigation - Sun Sights Session 3
February 28   Celestial Navigation - Sun Sights Session 4
7-9 pm | Marina Room (taught by Don & Susan Johnson)
February 8     Varnishing - Session 1 Hand Tools   
February 15   Varnishing - Session 2 Preparation of surfaces
February 22   Varnishing - Session 3 Varnishes & application
9:30-11:00 am |  Marina Room   
Sat, February 3
About Boating Safety
Just a few of the topics that wil be covered - introduction to boating laws, rules of the road, safety equiptment aids, buoys and beacons. Don't miss this informative presentation. Presented by Bill Anderson Flotilla 114.
Sat-Sun, February 10-11 | 9 am - 3 pm
(2) Five-hour sessions

Weekend Navigator
Cost for this 2-day session is $50 pp, $60 for couples. Space is limited so call for your reservation now at 619-922-0231.  This is a great way to jump right into it and learn what you need to know to get from point A to Point B. This is a two-day class with a ton of material, but when you're finished you will be able to safely navigate locally, and with a little experience you will be doing coastal cruising. Bill Anderson instructor, U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary 114.
Sat, February 17
Suddenly in Command
The captain becomes incapacitated or falls overboard; you purchase a new boat and step aboard for the first time. You are Suddenly in Command. Don't miss this very important class on description of what causes boating mishaps and how to minimize them, basic boat handling and what equipment should be on board.
No classes on February 24. 
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