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The Chula Vista Marina Resort Newsletter
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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | February 2017 | San Diego 
*Check out our Boating Classes for February *
News from the Dockmaster

February is here and we are off and running into another exciting year at the Marina and RV Resort. If you have been watching the weather you already know that we have been getting our fair share of rain - which means to boat owners the possibilities of water getting into the bilge. So please do your due diligence and check to make sure your bilge pumps are working. In the case that your bilge is filled with oil, you should think twice before pumping it over the side and into the Bay (Harbor Police and Coast Guard watch for that, and we are required to report any findings - so please don't put us in that position). Call the office if you need some help.  We can look at it for you and recommend a professional to help the situation.
On a serious note we had a tenant's boat catch on fire during one of our recent rain storms. We are not sure how it started. The fire department had laid out the plug-in receptacle so we reasoned that it could have been the 30-amp plug called the Hubble Connector. It may have wiggled loose and started to ark and the rest is history as the boat is a total loss.
So a big thank you to a few of our fast-thinking tenants who were able to move the boat away from other boats and get the water hoses on the flames. I will mention a couple of names and if I missed anyone sorry about that, but when I was pulling in at 8 am things were already pretty much taken care of. So a big "thank you" to Terry Senier, Glenn Street, Steve Perez, our own security guard, and Stephen Guiterez who was deemed a young hero by the Channel 10 and Channel 7 news. Thank you again for stepping up and going beyond the call of duty.
This is January 12th with a 7'.3" High tide and the water almost touching our ramps.
KING TIDES.  I took a couple of pictures of some major High and Low tide swings.
Our 2017 Tide Books our in so stop in the office and pick one up - they are FREE to our tenants.
And the same picture with a minus 1'.7" low tide six hours later.

See you on the docks,

Mike Sullivan, Dockmaster
Time to Winterize

February is a good time of year to get to some of the little things that you put off when the weather is nice. Preventive maintenance can also save you time and money in the long run.
  1. Clean and tighten electrical connections, especially both ends of your battery cables, check the Hubble Connector on the boat and the dock box for a tight connection.
  2. Check the engine shaft and rudder stuffing boxes for leaks and looseness.
  3. Check all the rest of your thru-hull fittings for any leakage
  4. Inspect fuel lines, including fill and vent hoses, for indication of softness, brittleness or cracking.
  5. Wipe flexible hoses with a clean cloth. A strong odor of gasoline or diesel indicates a hose should be replaced.
  6. Inspect all other components in the fuel system, fuel tanks and fuel pumps. Hose clamps should be tighter and free of heavy rust.
  7. Cooling hoses should be inspected for signs of old age. Check for stiffness, rot, leaks, and or cracking and replace as necessary. 
  8. Don't forget the easy things like closing and locking all your windows and hatches. Even a little rain can be damaging.                 
  9. Check and re-tie your dock lines, and run a spring line from the bow to the middle cleat on the dock. This keeps the boat from riding up over the dock.
  10. And please, if you have a sailboat, tie back your halyards so they don't clang against the   mast. Your neighbors will appreciate it.
Welcome to our New Mariners

Welcome Aboard2
William Baumann & Carlyle Hanish sailed in on his Catalina 30 named Ya Think; Keith Whitearker came in on his Thompson 24 named Pearl Grace 2; Matt Reed & Autumn Clint came in on their Bristol 40 named Grand Scheme; Gary Watkins is back on his Catalina 22 named The Ernest Hemingway; Dimitrity Gavyush sailed in on his Ranger 22 named The Cod Father; Adam Schalk sailed in on his Cape Dory Cutter named Swift Ranger; Norman Baker came in on a 50-ft King Yacht named The Broker of Venice; Jerry Guiles came in on his 21 hard top Bayliner;
The Carricklee
Bob Mahaffy and his wife Carol sailed down from San Fransico in-between these giant winter storms on their amazing Harden 48 named Carricklee (the photo at right is a great picture of Carricklee under full sail while she was out doing some coastal cruising); Michael Bentzien is back and sailed over from Mission Bay on his Cal Jensen 25; Candace Porter & Chris Mitcham pulled in on their new 51-ft Tiger Marine Motor Yacht named Aye Candie; Arran Flanagan and his crew pulled in on Lady Ashley, a 65-ft Schooner  research vessel that sailed up for some general maintenance from the Galapagos Islands; Anthony DeSimone pulled in on his 55-ft Navigator named Hope Floats.  Welcome to Chula Vista Marina!
Marina Classes for January

Marina Classes are   free to CVM tenants   and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee.
For more information call the Marina Office at 619-691-1860.
8:30-11:00 am 
Bring your own laptop. Instructor: Don Johnson
9:30-11:00 am
Marina Room  
Sat, February 4
Suddenly in Command
Presented by Bill Anderson Flotilla 114. Misfortunes occur in seconds, and you have the rest of your life to be greatful that you knew what to do because you were prepared. Don't miss this session - this is for crew, second and third mates, and your chance to learn what to do when misfortunes do occur. 

Sat-Sun , February 11-12
Weekend Navigator
9 am - 3 pm each day
Fee $50/$55 for couples sharing materials - limited seating so sign up now. The fee includes Coast Guard Hand Book, and charts. Presented by Instructor Bill Anderson U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary 114. For more information call 619-922-0231.
Sat, February 18
Marlin Spike
A line, a rope or a sheet? Best selection and feeding of the lines. Common knots that every mariner should know and be able to tie. Faking Flaking and Balentines are just some of the terminology you will be picking up. Instructor Don Johnson. 

Sat, February 25
Ham Radio
Ham Radio communications is used worldwide with capabilities for both short and long range communications. It's useful to boaters who cruise to faraway ports and want to communicate economically over long distances. Amateur radio operation requires both a station and a operator license. Amateur Radio is a hobby enjoyed by more than 3 million people around the world. Come and learn what you need to get started. Join Mark William our local Ham Instructor.
The Gossip Board

Meet the Briganti Family.     
A rather ambitious family adventure - the Cesar Briganti family is from Bluffdale, Utah (only 750 miles away). They have been coming to the Marina for three years in a row. When they come, they come with all their toys, this year Cesar towed his Catalina 27, had two Lasers on top of the GMC Yukon for his teenage sons, and every boater needs a small dinghy to run around in. It was fun to watch them do all the normal summer activities you can think of in the last two weeks of December, and if you remember we had a couple of big storms roll through. One day when it was raining cats and dogs, the wind was blowing 25 mph, the boys took the Lasers out and Dad was in the Dinghy to coach them along. They had a blast! It was great to see them sailing in and out of E2-01 and sailing out in front of the fishing pier. We will certainly look forward to their next visit.
Good chance to thank all our Guest Dockers that come in from Arizona and distant places - we appreciate everyone and look forward to your visits again !
February Events
Sunday, February 5 | Kickoff at 3:30 pm PST
Enjoy fellow NFL Football fans and watch the really big game on the big screen TV in the Poolside Room or, for a smaller crowd, at the Marina Room. Bring your Guacamole to share; we will provide the Judges and the prizes for Best Guacamole and serve Free Hot Dogs. Come and watch the top two teams of the 2016 Season battle for the championship! Can the Pats do it again?
Saturday February 18 | 1-3 pm
WHAT IF YOU COULD BE ENTERTAINED BY...legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis - ALL FROM THE SAME STAGE? Well, then you won't want to miss Danny Jacobson, Music Legends Impressionist known as the Man of 200 Voices. 1 to 3 pm in the Sunset Pavilion at the RV Resort.  Free to CVM Tenants.
Sailing Movie Nights
Created by James Michener
February 1, 8, 15, & 22
7-9 pm in the Marina Room
Join us following the Schooner Tiki 111, as Korean War veteran Captain Adam Troy, sails through the South Pacific looking for passengers and adventure. This classic TV show was first aired in October 1959 and ran for 91 episodes. We will watch a couple of episodes each week, have popcorn, explore the Pacific from our chair, tell sea stories and harken on the old days!
Resort Store

With winter in full swing, let's take this opportunity to get a good deal on outwear. All sweaters and winter scarves are 20% off for the month of February. Guys, these would make a great Valentine's present.  Offer expires 2/28/17.
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