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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | August 2021 | San Diego Bay
*The Galley Restaurant and Gym are open!*
News from the Dockmaster
Welcome Mariners to the August edition of the Chula Vista Marina Resort newsletter. Please take a few moments to check out the articles for this edition. We will go over a couple ways to get those pesky birds (that drive us all crazy) off of your boat, as well as a quick reminder to the pet policy of CVM.  With folks returning to life as usual, we are seeing more tenants returning to the Marina with their dogs. We want everyone to be aware of their responsibilities with their pets. 
Summer is in full swing now, and there’s nowhere better to be than right here at the Marina. We have a lot of our returning summer tenants coming in, ready to get their boats off the trailer and in the water!  With this crazy heat we have had, I don’t blame them one bit for returning to their oasis on the water.  I would like to remind our new or returning tenants that if they have any questions about the channel dog leg or how to safely navigate the channel, please let us know.  All office staff can help you better understand the dog leg outside the boat basin. I was speaking with a guest docker who thought he would be able to shoot straight across the bay to have lunch at the Cays Yacht Club. Unfortunately, the tide was low, and he ended up running aground about halfway there. No damage was done, but he was admittedly embarrassed by his mistake and had to get vessel assist to pull him off and take him to the channel. Better to ask for information than have to pay for a tow!
See you on the docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Robert Truskowski and Scott Steiner  brought in their very nice 39’ Tollycraft  Island Girl  from Newport Marina;  Mona Hinkle  has returned with her awesome 23’ Yamaha jet boat that she keeps on a trailer during the off season;  Arturo and Beth Benevent  are returning with their new 49’ Bertram  Auxiliadora  from Ensenada Mexico;  Adam Fisher  brought in his amazing 70’ Elliot Sport fisher  Little G  from Marina Del Rey;  Jim Collins  brought in his very nice 49’Jersey  Compass Rose  from Benicia Marina;  Matthew and Tricia Daniel  sailed  in their beautiful 42’ Outremer  Tumbleweed  from La Paz Mexico;  Patrick Geffroy  has returned with his super cool 24’ Stiletto that he keeps on a trailer during the off season;  Wayne and Amalie Gluf brought in their beautiful 37’ Grady White  Blue Gold  from Newport Beach;  Christina Mesa de Toscanini brought in her very nice 30’ Rinker  Seas the Day  that she recently purchased;  Nicholas and Sabrina Milos sailed in their very nice 35’ Catalina  Sugar Magnolia  that they recently purchased;  Vittorio Montti  brought in his awesome 19’ Sea Ray that he keeps on a trailer during the off season ; Cord Rehn  purchased a very nice 45’ Wellcraft  Aura  that was already here at CVM;  Tyler Thielen  purchased an awesome 43’ Carver  Eazy Peazy  that was already here at CVM;  Tommy Tran  brought in his very clean 24’ Glacier Bay from Pier 32 Marina ; Matt Walsh  brought in his awesome 32’ Corsair  Callisto III  from his home where it was on a trailer ; and Craig Yack  has returned with his very nice 20’ Reinell  Sherry Baby  that he keeps on a trailer during the off season. Welcome!
Friendly Reminder - Helpful Hints
Bird Droppings
Bird droppings are one of the less pleasant aspects of boat ownership, but it’s something every sailor has had to deal with. They love the high-up perches provided by your mast and spreaders where they can gather to rest and eat.  Unfortunately for your poor boat, this means that everything they leave behind – poop, fish entrails and more – can wind up encrusted on your boat’s paintwork, deck, and canvas. Returning to your boat and finding it smeared with droppings doesn’t just mean hours of cleaning; it may even cause lasting damage to the canvas and bodywork of your vessel. Bird droppings are notoriously difficult to clean off and, if left awhile, can eventually bleach textiles, leaving unsightly white stains.
Mess aside, bird poop has also been found to harbor large numbers of potentially dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli.  With all the risks and inconveniences associated with gull droppings, the best way to protect your boat is to make sure birds don’t land there in the first place.
Deterring them is easier than you might think, and the methods of doing so are often low maintenance and easy to implement. There are several simple methods when it comes to repelling birds! There is a wide range of anti-bird devices for boats to choose from, or you can opt for a simple home remedy, such as stringing up monofilament fishing line to prevent birds from landing. Or try using bird spikes or CD’s hanging from your lines.
"Whose dog is that?"
At Chula Vista Marina we’re proud to offer our tenants a safe and relaxing environment for themselves, their guests, and their pets. We love your 4-legged friends as much as you do, and we’re happy to be considered a pet-friendly facility.  However, we have had several recent incidents with off-leash dogs on the docks.
We encourage our pet-owners to please be mindful of their neighbors and to follow our rules and regulations. Most importantly:
  • All pets must be kept on the vessel or on a leash at all times.
  • Owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pets on the docks or marina property. For your convenience, there are doggy bags located near Gate #2 and #3 as well as at the pet-stations in the RV Park.
  • No pet barking that is considered excessive and will disturb neighbors.
  • Animals may never be taken into the restrooms/laundry room/inside areas on the property.
  • Threatening behavior towards people or other pets passing on the docks must be prevented.
The Marina requires that all tenants who bring their pets on the property have a signed “Pet Policy Addendum” on file in the office. This ensures that every pet-owner knows and agrees to the rules regarding animals on Marina property. 
Do you need to sign a pet policy? Please come by the office, and we will be happy to print one out for you. We also keep a photo of your pet in your file with their name and description so that if they do become loose on the docks, we can contact the owner.
Thank you for your help in making our facility safe and friendly for people and animals alike!
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