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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | August 2020 | San Diego Bay
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News from the Dockmaster
I am sure you are all aware of the large fire on board the USS Bonhomme Richard at 32nd St Naval Base last month. I was sitting in my office when I noticed huge billows of black smoke coming from north of the bay.  The fire on the 844-foot ship began around 8:30 a.m. Sunday and sent plumes of smoke into the San Diego skies for two days. It was a really scary situation. The vessel had almost 1 million gallons of diesel. If they were unable to slow the spread of the fire, they were discussing discharging it into the bay. Thank goodness that did not happen!  I could not imagine the disaster that would have been to our local environment. Kudos to the Federal and local fire departments and Navy sailors who fought the fire for five days before extinguishing it.
Incidents like this serve as a great reminder to make sure that you and your vessel are prepared for a worst-case scenario. If this can happen to a $100+ million vessel, it can happen to anyone. Please take some time and locate the nearest fire hose on the dock. Check your fire extinguishers and have them serviced by a professional company. Take a moment to inspect all electrical connections for burn marks or discoloration. These couple of extra steps will leave you with some added security that your vessel is safe
See you on the Docks!
Robert Zimmerman
Welcome to Our New Mariners
Towards the end of June, we welcomed:  Brad Barker  and his Jensen Marine Cal 25 sailboat  Happy Friday William Bennet  brought in his 27’ Ranger Tug,  Sea Ann Patti Clayton  brought her 26’ SeaRay,  Lady Emma  from Marina Village;  Terry DeArmond  brought in  Happy Hour,  a 51’ Californian; Cory Edwards purchased  Cynthia Lynn,  a 35’ Mainship at CVM;  Michael Gardner  brought in a beatiful 24’ Bayliner,  Knotwurkun;  Joseph Heath  decided to bring another boat in, a 21’ Cabo with no name;  Teresa Hill  purchased  Belle Amie,  a 33’ Carver already here at CVM;  Austin Hughes  purchased a 26’ Balboa sailboat and kept her at CVM;  Sean Hughes  purchased  Guest House,  a 34’ SeaRay which was berthed at CVM;  Garrett Keohone  is the new owner of a Pacific Dolphin 24’ sailboat;  Joseph and Julie Matthews  brought their nice 43’ Marine Trader motor yacht,  Catherine Kelly  down from Long Beach;  Grant Miller  brought in a beautiful, completely rebuilt 54’ Gerhard Stahn Bruce Roberts,  Steel Away.  We are also welcoming  Jaqueline Mullen  to the Marina with her 20’ Cal Jensen sailboat;  Captain Jack  and his 40’ Fountain-Pajou,  Neko,  which he sailed up from Ensenada;  Carlos Rojas  and his 24’ Keywest powerboat;  Terry and Karen Senier  and their 36’ CHB Trawler,  Solana III;  Scott West  motored his beautiful 38’ Carver,  Singularity,  down from Driscoll Bay; and  Kim Woolley  and  Michael Silva  brought in  Lili Marie,  a 19’ Triumph.
In July, we welcomed:  Cody Betzler  and his 25’ Nautic Star;  Michael Bollschweiler  brought in  Saga 2,  a 32’ Luhrs;  Druso and Nathaly Cecchet  were able to bring in their 24’ Sea Ray  Andiamo  in time for their daughter to celebrate her birthday on the water;  Mellissa Cohen  and  Nick Deamante  brought their gorgeous Grand Banks,  About Time;  Joseph Cords  and his wife brought their lovely Trawler,  Coyote  they motored down from Harbor Island;  Deborah Cruz  sailed her new purchase a 33’ sailboat;  Mark Demyan  brought his 25’ Grandy White sailboat;  Patrick Geffroy returned for this summer with his 24’ Stiletto,  La Heina Lady;  Brian Grazer  brought in a 35’ Pinoy Express;  Kevin Hawkins  brought in a 43’ Hunter Sailboat,  Makani.   We welcomed Thomas Henson and his 45’ Novated 44,  Looney Bin II;    Jeff Kaisk  motored his new 22’ Sea Ray down from Mission Bay;  Patrick Moran  purchased  Mariah,   a 34’ Islander sailboat and is keeping her here at CVM;  Adan Moreno  brought in a 24’ Bayliner from his home to the water;  Kamal Shamoo  sailed his new purchase, a 22’ Catalina from Coronado;   Cynthia Stiegele  sailed a 26’ McGreggor,  Short Sail Frank and Gloria Tello  purchased a 44’ Taiwan Trawler,  Seas the Day,  and is keeping it where it was currently berthed at CVM ; Marnie Mason  was able to bring her 35’ Rawson 30  MORA  after finishing a 3-year refit at the San Diego Boat Movers Yard; and  Kaitlin and Zlatko Pala  brought their 24’ Bayliner out of storage and into the water.   Welcome one and all to our beautiful home!
Friendly Reminders & Helpful Hints
New Policy for Dinghies in Empty Slips
I know it may not seem like a huge deal – You notice that you have an empty slip next to you and you think, “I’ll just leave my dinghy there for a day or two”. In reality, it can cause huge issues and a lot of extra work and hours to chase down who they belong to and ask them to move it to their correct slip.  Imagine coming home from a long trip into your slip and there is a dinghy there!!  Not what you want to deal with.  We will now charge a $25 dollar per-day rate for any dinghy in an empty slip . Please keep in mind that we have a 72-hour transient  FREE  dinghy dock at H1-29. If you need more than a day or two, contact the Marina office, and we can make other arrangements.
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