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The Chula Vista Marina Resort Newsletter
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Chula Vista Marina Newsletter | April 2017 | San Diego 
*Check out our Boating Classes for April*
News from the Dockmaster

Sailing on the Big Bay, meet Roger McAlpine who is one of our expert sailors on B Dock. He sails a 2002, 31-ft Corsair Trimaran he has owned since 2007, and this boat is like new - probably better than new because Roger has upgraded and improved everything on the boat. This was my first time sailing on a Corsair, and I have to tell you, it's a perfect sailboat for our geographic location.  We were able to reach up to the bridge on one tack at about 10 knots, which for a sailboat is pretty fast, but because she's 22 feet wide she is nice and stable. With her full batten sail she is real fast and fun to sail!
With a few tacks in front of the Convention Center, we made it up to Shelter Island in no time. Once we decided to head back to Chula Vista, Roger pulled out a big Spinnaker, we put it up and we flew it back to the bridge. At the bridge the wind shifts from behind us, so spinnaker down and Jib back up. But that's why sailors love it - the wind is shifting and you need to figure it out, plus you will always go away with something new that you have learned. I tell our potential new boaters that sailing South of the Bridge is the best sailing in San Diego Bay!
I included a few photos of Roger giving Bruce Branson, one of our Hobie sailors and RV Guest, a few pointers on how to trim the Spinnaker we were flying in front of the Midway.
Bonus of the day is a little history of Corsair Sailboats. It was started here in Chula Vista in 1984, they have sold more than 1,700 Trimarans, and the founders were John T. Walton (son of Sam Walton, founder of WalMart). The boat designer was Ian Farrier. The boat is now being built in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to reduce cost. Also, Roger had some cheese that was absolutey amazing from the little cheese shop at the Marketplace in Liberty Station called Venissimo Cheese. Sometimes what you learn is not always about sailing at all!
So for power boats or sailboats, get your friends and crew together and get on the water and have some fun!

See you on the docks,

Mike Sullivan, Dockmaster
Welcome to our New Mariners

Welcome Aboard2
Jack Moore & Jentry Breit came in on their classic 32-ft Norm Cross Trimaran named White Manta; Nels Neumann sailed in on his 36-ft Catalina named Deakonis; Gail Sims came in on her 25-ft Catalina named Green Flash; James Baxter came in on his new 30-ft Bayliner he found in New Mexico; Larry Bonnigson is back with his Vagabon 47 named Odyssea; Rachael Cadden came in from Dana Point on her 25-ft Chris Craft named Sirenasong; Janice Sharrar sailed in from Oceanside on her 32-ft Catalina named Nadine; Lou Siegel and Ray & Carolyn Frechette sailed down the bay in their Catalina 30 named Mariah; Greg Williams and brother Everett sailed down the bay on their new 40-ft Irwin named B-Yacht-Ch; Byran and Cheryl Stone came in on their amazing 68-ft Nordhavn named Aquilla Renne; and Lawrence and Penny Talbot came in on their amazing 52-ft Nordhavn named Worknot.  Welcome to all our new mariners!
Marina Classes for April

Marina Classes are   free to CVM tenants   and members of CG Auxiliary and US Power Squadron. For all others there is a $10 fee.
For more information call the Marina Office at 619-691-1860.
8:30-11:00 am 
Bring your own laptop. Instructor: Don Johnson
9:30-11:00 am
Marina Room  
Sat, April 1
Boating Safety
Introduction to boating, boating laws, rules of the road, safety equipment, navigational aids, buoys, and beacons, are just a couple of the topics that will be covered.  Don't miss this informative boating presentation.  Bill Anderson US Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Sat-Sun , April 8-9
Weekend Navigator
9 am - 3 pm each day
Fee $50/$55 for couples sharing materials - limited seating so sign up now. Navigation has changed since the old days, but it doesn't hurt to learn the old ways when the electronics go out. Knowing how to navigate the traditional way with dividers, parallel rulers, and a compass could make the difference between survival and a catastrophe disaster. The fee includes Coast Guard Hand Book, and charts. Presented by Instructor Bill Anderson U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary 114. For more information call 619-922-0231.
Sat, April 15
Rick Krug from The Boat Medic
Rick will have his new OZONE TECHNOLOGY MACHINE. He will demonstrate how it will get rid of and eliminate mold and mildew, head odors, pet odors, fish odors, smoking odors, fuel and bilge odors, just to name a few. With all the rain we had this winter, your boat could have mold, and Rick can show you how quickly they can test the mold levels in your boat. Don't miss this session as it could save you a lot of aggravation. 

Sat, April 29
On-Board First Aid and Medicine for Boaters
Join Skip Randall our on-site retired Physician Assistant. He can show you what you need in your medical bag. Overview of what could happen on the water and what you can do about the emergency.
Port Environmental Inspection April 11

The Port has started at the other end of the Bay, but soon it will be our annual inspection.  If you are new to the Marina, the Port District environmental specialist does annual dock and storm drain inspections of all marinas in San Diego. This means you need to pick up any material and personal gear around your boat fingers -- everything should be on the boat or in the dock box.
Please note: We cannot store cleaning solutions, thinners, paint, varnish, fertilizer, plants, gas cans, or lighter fluid, especially under the dock steps or behind the dock boxes. Robert, Dave and myself will do our preliminary dock walk beforehand so if you have inadvertently left something behind, we will contact you or pick it up and place it on your boat.
If you have any questions or concerns please call the Marina office.
Concierge Program - Join Now!

Existing tenants not yet on our Boat Concierge Program, sign up during April and get your first month of boat cleaning, bottom cleaning, and pump out services absolutely free.
New Business Service at Chula Vista Marina

Rick Krug has been around with his yacht repair business specializing in electrical & plumbing for a long time. Now he has a new Ozone Purifier to remove odor and mildew from your vessel by using Ozone technology with cleaning supplies and knowledge of where to attack the problem. His trained technicians can have your prized possession smelling like new again in as little as a few hours. Give Rick a call at 619-322-6068 .
The New Dinghy Medic

That's right, if your Dinghy is loosing air and needs a patch, you need to call our resident Command Sergeant Major, Bill Ostenberg. He will patch it up good as new, charge you a fair price and all proceeds will be donated to the Good Ship "Bill of Rights". You can usually find him on the "Bill of Rights".
The Gossip Board

Dog Aboard!     
If your pet is an avid boater like you, email me a great picture of your four-legged first mate, your contact information, and a description about your pet and boat. After we publish it in our newsletter, we will forward to the Log Newspaper, and they will publish it as well (although it's up to their editor when and where). This is Carle, our Marina Manager Tracey Pruitt's pretty little dog. (
Junipero Made it to Key West
Just after our last monthly installment of the location of Junipero, Tom Kemp stopped in the office and said they made a big run from Panama to Key West in pretty good time. They used every bit of fuel they had on board, and Captain Tom delivered his cargo in great condition in about fifty days. So welcome back Tom and it was fun to follow along. Jim Niedermeyer will be staying put for a couple of months before he starts his second leg of the trip, "The Great Loop", up to the Great Lakes and back down to New Orleans. Sounds like they're living the dream!
Upcoming Fun Stuff
(Bayside Park)
Saturday, April 8
This is Chula Vista's Earth Fair. The event promotes sustainability, and there will be booths with local vendors, discounted LED lights for sale, and local artists with their repurposed products.
Food trucks, Living Coast Discovery, Fun & Games, Free Bicycle Check Up, Yoga Classes on the Bay, Mini Massages, Healthy Living Info, Grocery Bag Exchange, and Free Oil Change Kits, This event is sponsored by the Port of San Diego.
Sat-Sun, April 15-16
On the Bay between Coronado & Seaport Village 
Coming back to San Diego, for the first time since 2009 - make a day out of it!
April 17-23
Mariner Days, Marina Open House & Tall Ship Tours, will be in Front of the Schooner Bill of Rights Tall Ship, located at the Chula Vista Harbor. This includes classes, seminars and workshops, Boat Building and Seamanship. For more information please call Susan at 619-917-0974.


April 22-23
6th Annual Juried Art Show 11 am to 4 pm, Arts & Crafts on the Waterfront, Artist reception 4 pm Sunday April 23rd. Sponsored by South Bayfront Artists and Chula Vista Art Guild. For additional information or Artist entry, go to  or call 619-500-2419.
Saturday, May 6 | 7 am - Noon
Get the best deals at Chula Vista Marina for our Spring Marine Gear Swap Meet.  There are hundreds of vendors, and thousands of good deals; shop the Sunbrella man, the rope & line man, and the tool & hat man. You will always find anchors, fishing and survivor gear. Bring your fire extinguisher and have it re-charged on site.
Music, tamales and tacos will be the order of the day. One space is available to all CVM tenants at no charge. All others: Used items $15 and new vendors $30. For additional information call 619-691-1860.
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